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3rd Grade Update! Week of 9/24

Dear Parents,
Here is our weekly update for the week:

Your third grader should continue with daily reading and math fact practice. Your child should have the 5s, 2s, and 10s multiplication facts in their folder. Please make sure the yellow multiplication folder stays in the blue Homework folder so it can go back and forth to school and home. Consistent practice is crucial as we move on in our math lessons. Look for the 9s facts to come home this week.

If you are still planning to order, you may still do that tonight. I will submit the order this week so let me know if you are planning to order, but are unable to do that tonight. Thanks!

School Picture Day is on Thursday. 

Please look for information to come home today regarding the Walk-a-thon. Support from you, your friends and family, is greatly appreciated. This is our main fundraiser for our school! More information can be found on our SCHOOL BLOG.
PLEASE NOTE: 3rd grade walks 9:45-10:30am. I believe the page that was sent home listed a different time.

Popcorn Day: 
Popcorn Day is on the final Friday of the month.  This is made possible by YOU – your donations at Open House funded the purchase of the popcorn/oil.  Parent volunteers come in each Friday to pop the popcorn and deliver it to classrooms.

EAGLE’S Spirit Day:
Friday is Eagle’s Spirit day in celebration of the homecoming football game. Everyone is encouraged to wear blue and gold to support the team on game day.

As you see school work coming home there may be  a number grade (3,2,1) on some of them. See below to find out what this means.
Use this as a guide:

3- proficient

2- progressing

1- beginning


Thank you!!  🙂


~Third Grade Update~


WRITING: We have been learning how to generate ideas for personal narrative writing. We chose a small moment idea today and will learn how to plan for our story writing. We will learn writing strategies to make our writing powerful.

GROWTH MINDSET: We continue learning about Growth Mindset. We have been making goals as a class and then each student made a goal for themselves as a reader.

MATH: We continue learning our 5s and 2s multiplication. We have started to learn how multiplication and division are related. We have learned to make drawings that go with multiplication equations and have practiced solving word problems.

READING: We have been working on choosing good-fit books. We talked about forming strong reading habits that help us grow as readers. We will be starting a new read aloud mentor text (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane) that will help us practice reading strategies.

Please continue with daily reading (20 minutes) and math fact practice. We will be adding the 2s multiplication facts this week.
I sent home 2 MATH HOMEWORK PAGES (1-3/1-5) today. These are due on Friday 9/21. These pages are helpful for practicing facts and strategies so please support your child as necessary.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER: You will see information coming home about the Scholastic Book Order. Take a look at these with your third grader. If you choose to order, please follow the instructions on the letter that is attached to the packet. Your order helps our class earn free books! Thank you!


school picture day is on September 27.

9/20: PTC Meeting in the library at 6:30pm
9/28: Popcorn Friday
10/5: Walk-A-Thon
10/12: Early Release dismissal at 12:15pm.
10/23: Turkey Trot



Week of April 16

  • We will not have a homework packet consistently for the remainder of the school year. At this point in the year we are focusing on other areas and gearing up for MSTEP. If a homework page is sent home, I will let you know. The expectation is that students continue with weekly work of reading and math practice by way of flashcards, math apps, practice pages, moby max, etc.
  • Multiplication Fluency Practice: We will have our practice page this Friday. Please ask your third grader what facts they should be practicing so they can continue to make progress!
  • MobyMax as homework practice:  Our class will be participating in A MOBYMAX CONTEST from April 16-April 29. Students can earn 1 point for each question they answer correctly within a lesson topic that is passed. Top 5 students in our class earn a prize and the next 25 will earn a smaller prize. Please use this as homework practice.
    Third graders will need to log onto Clever to access MobyMax. Let me know if you have forgotten how to do this. There is a link on the right side of the blog under AT HOME links.  I will also continue to have all kids practice fluency here at school.
  • The Scholastic Book Order is due tomorrow, Wednesday, April 18. Take a look at the online flyers and make your purchase by Wednesday. Thanks!!
    Grades 3-5 have been preparing for the state test (M-STEP).  This is a required test and it will take place in the weeks immediately following spring break.
    Please make sure you look ahead on your family calendar (Gr 3,4,5) to make sure that your child is at school on the days listed.   Please change any appointments so they do not occur the mornings of testing.
    Also, provide extra nutritional snacks on the testing days, along with a water bottle — and adequate sleep during the testing period.
    Testing takes place between 9-12 on these dates:
    • Grade 3  April  24, 25, 26
    • Grade 4  May 8, 9, 10


~Learning Update~

Here’s what we have been learning about in third grade:

Writing: We have finished our Literary Essay unit and then completed our Post Assessment of opinion writing before Spring Break. We will now begin to practice constructed response writing as well as begin our Core Democratic Values writing work that goes along with our Social Studies Unit.

Science: We will begin studying animals and adaptations!

Math: We will spend a few days doing some review and activities with area and perimeter and then we begin our fraction unit this week.

Reading: We have been reading biography books and with each book the students read, they complete a comprehension card to summarize the important facts they have learned about a person in history. We will be working on choosing a person to study and write about.


Working Hard in 3rd Grade…

Here’s what we have been up to in our classroom:

Writing: We are working on revising, editing, and publishing our realistic fiction stories this week. We started thinking of small moments in our life and have used those ideas to create fiction characters and a new story line.

Social Studies: Before we begin our Government unit this week, today we reviewed what it means to be a mindful learner. We talked about making good choices even when no one is watching. We were reminded what it means to have good character. We read a book titled The Jelly Donut Difference and then we wrote about a way we could spread kindness to others just like the characters in the story did.

Math: We are working on word problems and have started practicing comparison problems.

Reading: Our Series Book Clubs are finishing up. Students are working on their second book in the series. Book clubs will meet to discuss the similarities and differences they noticed in their books of the same series.


Social Studies Homework and New Math Unit


Social Studies homework:
Economics homework will be coming home tonight. It is due tomorrow (Friday). We have been studying specialization and interdependence as well as import and export. Students are to find five or more objects around the house and write where it came from.

New Math Unit:
We have started our new unit in Math. We will study measurement. Please click on the family letter below to read more information about what we will be learning.