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Polar Express Party

Here is a peek at our Polar Express party! We had a great time. THANK YOU to all who volunteered and donated items.

With two weeks off from school, I have reminded the third graders to continue their reading and math fact practice. Please help your child to remember to log on to MobyMax or use their flashcards for practice. They will know what math facts they need to practice. Thanks!

I wish you all a happy Holiday break!


Summer Learning!

Keep On Learning With Reading & Mobymax

Dear Parents,
Studies have shown that students can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation.   Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “KEEP ON LEARNING” this summer to prevent summer slide.  There are two ways to record your learning time:

  • Reading:  Log into  this form  to record the number of minutes you read.  You can record each day or enter the total for each week.
  • MOBYMAX Math and Reading:  We recommend that each child consistently use MobyMax each week in the core areas of reading and mathematics. If interested, you can also choose to work on other learning modules.  Spending just a few minutes each day on Mobymax will help to reduce  “summer slide” and keep your child’s learning skills fresh over the summer.

Our goals for students over the summer are below. Students who reach or exceed goals will be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card (1 per grade). This is for their grade next year.

Reading Minutes Mobymax
  • First Grade: 100 minutes
  • Second Grade: 200 minutes
  • Third Grade: 300 minutes
  • Fourth Grade: 400 minutes
  • Fifth Grade:  400 minutes
  • First Grade: 100 pts
  • Second Grade: 200 pts
  • Third Grade: 300 pts
  • Fourth Grade: 400 pts
  • Fifth Grade:  500 pts

If you’d like to be part of Georgetown’s challenge to “Keep On Learning” please follow the instructions below.  If your child is new to the school and you would like login information, email Mrs. Reagan.  treagan@hpseagles.net

Have a great summer…and keep on learning with READING and MOBYMAX!


  1. Go to www.mobymax.com/ mi1457 and enter your child’s username and password to access his or her account. Username: _________ Password: ___________
  2. Explore placement tests, lessons and much more! Mobymax will automatically increase skill level based on your student’s performance.



MobyMax and Early Dismissal

Today we got on the MobyMax website to practice math facts. This is something your third grader can log on to at home. They will hopefully remember their username/password for this. The site is linked on our blog under ‘At Home Links’. This will be a great resource to use for daily fact practice.
Early Dismissal: 
We will be dismissing at 12:15 on Friday 9/16/16.  This is our first early release day of the year.  If your child is a car rider, please be at school 12:10 and 12:15 for pick up.
Food Service will be offering a sack lunch on early release days this school year.
Children can order a lunch with their teacher in the morning and will have them to take to their destination.  The cost will be $2.25.  Free and reduced benefits will also apply.

Summer Learning Incentive!!!

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘summer slide’?  It refers to the loss of learning that can take place when skills are not practiced over the summer.    We want everyone to keep their learning brains turned on by spending a 10-50 minutes every day practicing math facts and reading.  To determine the appropriate minimum number of minutes/day for your child, multiple their grade level by 10.  For example, a first grader would spend a minimum of 10 minutes — 5 minutes on math and 5 minutes on reading.

Our school has a login for all students on MOBYMAX –  an excellent online tool for all content areas.  If your child has forgotten their password/login, email me.

On Mobymax, I recommend the following:

  • Grade K:  Number Sense, Alphabet and Reading Trio
  • Grade 1:  Number Sense (review), Math Fact Fluency and Reading Trio
  • Grade 2-5:  Math Fact Fluency (keep those facts fresh) and any of the other applications on the site.

Also, if you would like to track reading minutes over the summer, this counts too.  Simply log into this form once a week to tell me how many minutes per week or per month you are reading.  Summer learning contest ends on August 20.

All students who participate in summer learning entered into a drawing


Finally, Mrs. Vandenberg, our librarian, would love to have post photos of you reading over the summer.  If you have a photo of your reading during vacation, send her the photo at jvandenb@hpseagles.net

Hope your July is going well!

Summer Learning!


We had a great day today! Sad to see my third graders go, yet we are excited for summer activities and I look forward to seeing the students grow into 4th graders! I wish you all a wonderful summer!!

A note (red paper) came home yesterday about using Mobymax for online learning this summer. Your child will know how to log on and I really encourage you to help your child be consistently practicing math facts on there as well as the other subject areas.

Independent reading will be important this summer in order to maintain the great growth from this year! I will be at open library this Tuesday (14th) from 10-12. Hope to see you there!! Oh, and the book fair will be here too!!



Spring Break Online Learning!


If you are looking for something to do over spring break, I have an idea for at least 120 minutes of your time off:  Learning!  All students who spends 120 MINUTES or MORE engaged in reading or online learning (120 total minutes over all the days of break), will be entered into a drawing for a $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD.


Reading Options: Listen to an audio book or a REAL PERSON READ or  JUST READ on your own.

Did you know that listening to a story stimulates children’s imaginations and emotions, exposes children to rich language patterns, new vocabulary words and a variety of texts?  If you need ideas for great family friendly audio books, check the GEEKMOM / GEEKDAD Blog.  This is a great idea if your child struggles to stay focused reading or if you are in the car traveling.

If you read or listen to a book, enter your total  minutes here.

xtra Math and Mobymax

xtra Math
There is a note in your child’s daily folder tonight that gives you information about xtra Math. It is a website to help students practice math facts. The note will give you directions about how to log-on and get started. Each student will begin with addition and subtraction until they pass and move on to multiplication and division.

This is a good way to practice facts at home, but it is not the only way. Some students do not like using this site as there is a time/speed issue and that is not always helpful for kids as they learn. I do encourage you to check it out with your third grader!
I have xtra Math linked to our classroom blog on the right side under Math.

Today during our computer time, we worked on the Mobymax site to help us practice our math skills. Mobymax is a great site to practice skills in all areas.This is great for practice work at home.  Please let me know if your third grader has forgotten their username and password. Mobymax is linked to our blog on the right side under Blogroll. Check it out!



Studies have shown that learners can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation. Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “Keep On Learning With Mobymax” this summer as a way to prevent summer slide. Georgetown teachers selected MobyMax as the online curriculum for summer vacation and extra curricular in school learning.

To learn more, visit our school blog.  Also…all those who earn their MOBYMAX points will be entered into a drawing for an ipad mini!


Dear Georgetown Parents,

We are excited to pilot a web-based curriculum called MobyMax in our PK-5 classroom.  In addition to access at school, all students have access to MobyMax at home.  We are hopeful that this site will be a useful way for our students to practice skills during the school year, on those occasional snow days and through the summer months.

Features of MobyMax are as follows:

  • Tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Placement tests that identify strengths and needs.
  • Targeted instruction to “fill in” missing skills.
  • Systematic review sessions to keep skills fresh.

NOTE:  If your child is taking a placement test for a skill area, remind your child that the questions get harder and harder.  If the questions are hard, it might not have been taught yet, meaning it could be coming later in the year or in it isn’t taught until the next grade level.  


Mrs. Reagan and the Georgetown Teachers

****A note went home this spring with a login and password for each student in our class. 

Login steps for your child:

Go to  www.mobymax.com/mi1457  and select student and have your child enter login/password.


You go to georgetown.edublogs.org and click on the mobymax whale image (top left sidebar). Once on the site, select student and have your child enter login/password.

If your child cannot remember their login information, email the teacher or Mrs. Reagan (treagan@hpseagles.net)

Username: __________;   Password:___________

Once logged in, your child will immediately start the lessons and begin working on grade level skills.

You can sign in as a parent as well by selecting “Parent” from the drop-down menu and entering your child’s username and password.  You will be able to monitor your child’s progress from the parent option.

NOTE:  If your child is taking a placement test for a skill area, remind your child that the questions get harder and harder.  If the questions are hard, it might not have been taught yet, meaning it could be coming later in the year or in it isn’t taught until the next grade level.