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3rd Grade News

Tomorrow will be hat day for third grade! We will also be celebrating two birthdays with a pizza lunch. Please send in a drink (water, juice) with your child.

Writing: We are finishing up informational writing pieces. The students chose a topic they know a lot about and learned how to organize their information in a way that their reader will understand.

Word Work: We have been using some new word cards this week. Please practice these words at home:  thought, heard, half, group, great, enough, brought, asked

Social Studies: Our class is beginning a new social studies unit in which we will be learning about Michigan history and how we learn about the past.

Math: We continue to work in math groups. We have been working on telling time before and after the hour as well as adding and subtracting time. Please work on telling time with your child at home. This is an important skill, but is often a struggle for many third graders. Continued practice is helpful! Thank you.

Reading: We are digging into non-fiction text and learning how to paraphrase and find the main idea and details of a text.




Hi Families,

Our class won the Jet’s Pizza Night! Thanks so much for getting pizza! This means that our class will receive a pizza party. We will be having our pizza lunch this Thursday the 10th.  Please send a drink with your child (water, juice). If your child does not want pizza for lunch he/she may get lunch from the cafeteria or bring from home.

Thanks again!   Ms Van Arkel


We are about to begin the BOOK IT! Program that is sponsored by Pizza Hut again this year.  The program runs from October through March.  The BOOK IT! Program is all about turning kids who read because they HAVE to into kids who read because they WANT to.  Your child should be bringing home a BOOK IT! calendar soon to track their minutes each month starting October 1.  Once they have met their monthly reading goal just return the calendar to school and your child will receive a reading award certificate that can be redeemed at any Pizza Hut restaurant.  This reading program has been in elementary schools now for more than 27 years.  To learn more, please visitbookitprogram.com/parents.

I hope you will join us and encourage your child to “read their heart out”.  THANK YOU!!!

End of the year updates

Dear Families,

As we get closer to the end of the year we are finishing up many of our units and reviewing many concepts we have learned as third graders. Please be aware of a few things as the year ends.

Homework:  As we finish our math units, we are now spending some time reviewing what we have learned. Homework will be slowing down and much of our work is done and completed in class. Reading at night and practicing math facts are always part of homework though.

Library: Our last library check-out day was last Friday. We will be able to continue reading the books, but please work on gathering all library books to be returned to our Georgetown library.  Thanks!

Writing and Reading: We continue working on some MEAP practice with writing. We are currently working on a peer response essay. In reading, we have been reading informational n0n-fiction and have been learning about text features. We are also continuing to work on our comprehension strategies.

Pizza Party!: We are planning on having our end of the year/Reading Challenge pizza party next Wednesday , June 1. On this day, you will only need to send a drink and a snack with your child.