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A few things to know…

You will not see spelling words coming home this week. We will be working some more on grammar skills this week.

There will be a homework packet coming home that will be due next Monday.

There will also be a public issues opinion homework page coming home at some point this week. Our class has been writing about public issues and your third grader will be reading an article and forming their own opinion to write about. The homework involves you sharing your opinion on the issue the article addresses.

Math Test


We will have our math test on Friday. This will cover place value, addition and subtraction problems, and word problems as well as some rounding.

REMINDER: Please make sure your child is practicing math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) for at least 5 minutes each day. Their goal is to master one operation before moving to another. Fact fluency is so important in understanding math concepts. I strongly suggest using MobyMax as a way of practicing. We have used this in class, but please let me know if your third grader does not remember their username or password.

We will also have a short quiz on Friday that will cover the public issue of wind farms in the Great Lakes. A review sheet should come home today. Your third grader will need to give one reason people think wind farms in the Great Lakes is a good idea and one potential problem with wind farms in the Great Lakes.

Public Issue Opinion Homework

This week we have started discussing public issues and core democratic values. We are combining this  social studies unit with our opinion writing unit and will learn how to write about a public issue.  We have learned that a public issue is something that people disagree on. A homework paper was sent home today.
Your child will need to find an article that pertains to a Michigan Public Issue. Once they find an article, they are to read the article with you and pull out the opinions shared by others concerning this issue. Also, I would like them to get your opinion on this issue, as well as, one other adult not living in your home.  This assignment must be returned by: Tuesday, April 22.

Once all the facts and opinions are gathered, your child will be writing an opinion paper based on their  public issue question.. Some ideas are: recycle laws, killing of the swans and snow owls, year round school, school uniforms or issue of their choice.

Thank you!