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~Learning Update~

Here’s what we have been learning about in third grade:

Writing: We have finished our Literary Essay unit and then completed our Post Assessment of opinion writing before Spring Break. We will now begin to practice constructed response writing as well as begin our Core Democratic Values writing work that goes along with our Social Studies Unit.

Science: We will begin studying animals and adaptations!

Math: We will spend a few days doing some review and activities with area and perimeter and then we begin our fraction unit this week.

Reading: We have been reading biography books and with each book the students read, they complete a comprehension card to summarize the important facts they have learned about a person in history. We will be working on choosing a person to study and write about.


Working Hard in 3rd Grade…

Here’s what we have been up to in our classroom:

Writing: We are working on revising, editing, and publishing our realistic fiction stories this week. We started thinking of small moments in our life and have used those ideas to create fiction characters and a new story line.

Social Studies: Before we begin our Government unit this week, today we reviewed what it means to be a mindful learner. We talked about making good choices even when no one is watching. We were reminded what it means to have good character. We read a book titled The Jelly Donut Difference and then we wrote about a way we could spread kindness to others just like the characters in the story did.

Math: We are working on word problems and have started practicing comparison problems.

Reading: Our Series Book Clubs are finishing up. Students are working on their second book in the series. Book clubs will meet to discuss the similarities and differences they noticed in their books of the same series.


Writing Folders and Bookmark Fun!

Your third grader is bringing home their writing folder today! Please be sure to take a look at this! Some of the papers are from the first day and their writing shows growth over the year. It’s so fun to see this!

ALSO, we enjoyed making some fun bookmarks today! We will work on another tomorrow. Be sure to ask your third grader about our bookmark making fun!

Public Issue Homework

We have been studying public issues during our Social Studies and Writing times. We have been studying a public issue, forming an opinion , and writing an essay. Last week we studied wind farms in the Great Lakes.

This week, we will be studying a new public issue. Your third grader will be reading an article and forming their own opinion to write about. The homework involves you sharing your opinion on the issue the article addresses. They will need to read the article, identify the opinions in the article (agree/disagree), and gather a few more opinions from a parent and other adult.
There will be a green paper coming home today to help record the information.

The green paper should be completed and returned on Monday, March 6.

Meet the Author!

Today was another great day!! We played a game and a song that helped us learn our word of the week. We also reviewed some strategies for addition and subtraction that we learned in second grade. We spent some time learning about and getting to know our classmates too.

During writing, we read the book called Library Mouse. It’s a book that helped each of us remember that we are writers and we all can be an author! No matter what!

YOU are an author!

YOU are an author!

YOU are an author!

Biography Research Homework


A note will be coming home about your child’s biography research project. We will be doing some research in class as well as the writing part, but some help and support will be needed by you at home. Please see a copy of the note below. This paper will need to be returned to school by Tuesday, March 22.     Thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.05.39 PM

A few things to know…

You will not see spelling words coming home this week. We will be working some more on grammar skills this week.

There will be a homework packet coming home that will be due next Monday.

There will also be a public issues opinion homework page coming home at some point this week. Our class has been writing about public issues and your third grader will be reading an article and forming their own opinion to write about. The homework involves you sharing your opinion on the issue the article addresses.

Oops….I forgot!!

In all our busyness and excitement of the last day, I forgot to send home the students’ writing folders. OOPS!
In this folder is a collection of writing pieces from the year and there’s a cute first day of school picture too!

I will be at open library on Tuesday from 10:00-Noon. Please stop by and pick up your folder. I hope you will check out a book too!!  🙂