Reminders for the week!

We are doing a spirit week this week for the walk a thon.

Monday – PJ Day

Tuesday – Crazy Socks Day

Wednesday– Crazy Hair Day

Thursday– Walk a thon Day and Hat Day

Friday– Maize and Blue Day

Walk a thon Event details: 
Support our school and help our class win!!!
Thank you to all who have donated so far!

  •       Register your Child using School Identifier 5f3d669d605c9, please visit 
  •       Event Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020
  •       Final Donation due date: September 30, 2020
  •         Donations can be online through your child’s webpage.  Otherwise, donations in the form of cash & checks (in-school donations), should be      turned in to the school.

  •         Please make checks payable to: Georgetown Elementary PTC

•           Visit this page for more details!!


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Our class enjoyed the sunshine last week by doing some reading outside. Here’s a photo of just some of our class getting lost in their books.  🙂


I’m looking forward to another great week in third grade!
– Ms Van Arkel




3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Our class has been doing a wonderful job at getting back into the school routine! We have taken time to get to know each other and learn our new procedures.
Here is an update of our learning:

We are learning strategies for personal narrative writing. We are learning how to make goals and how to use strategies when we get stuck. We have been working on writing like a storyteller and not a reporter.

Growth Mindset:
We have been learning all about different character traits such as kindness, acceptance, friendship, courage, and bravery. With each trait, we read a book to help us understand what that character trait can look like. We will continue to learn about using a growth mindset as a learner and we will work on making goals for our learning. We will also be learning about how the parts of our brain help us learn.

We have started learning and understanding the concept of multiplication. We have learned to use drawings as a strategy. We will be using flashcards to learn and have started with the 5s facts. It will be important for your child to build a habit of practicing multiplication facts for at least 5 minutes, at least 5 days a week.

We are working on building our reading life and choosing good-fit books. Our class is practicing building stamina as a reader.

A few more reminders:
• Scholastic Book order is due today (Mon. 9/14). If you are still planning to order ( Follow the directions on the flyer that went home), please do so by 10pm tonight.

• Occasionally we use headphones during computer time. If your child would like to use their own earbuds or headphones, please send them into school for your child to keep in their desk.

EARLY RELEASE is this Friday, September, 18. Dismissal is at 12:15. Your child may order a sack lunch to take home from food service.



Important Information from the Office and a Peek of Our Classroom!

Hi Third Grade Families,

PLEASE be sure to read this post from the office. It includes important information about drop off and pick up as well as letting you know about some forms to be looking for in your child’s daily folder. Some of these forms will need to be returned to school. Thank you for your cooperation with some new school procedures this year!
* If you have not done so already, please fill out the survey posted on a previous blog post to let me know your child’s transportation plans (or just send me an email). It’s important to me that I know exactly where to send your child at the end of the day. Thanks*

The way we talk with our students about these new routines (masks, social distancing, hallway walking, bus routines, etc) will make all the difference in how we transition back to learning. Please help your child process these changes and remind them that although this feels different, we are all in this together, and we can do hard things. This will be one of our first GROWTH MINDSET lessons!  🙂    Your support is so helpful.

Here is a peek at our classroom. I can’t wait to see it filled with some AMAZING third graders!

Our Classroom!



Welcome to Third Grade!

Hello Families,

I am so excited to meet a great group of third graders! I am glad to have the opportunity to be your child’s teacher! I will be sharing lots of information on our class blog over the next few weeks so please make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss a post! You can do this by typing your email in the box on the right side of the blog and clicking subscribe.
As we enter a school year with lots of changes, I want you to know that I am committed to making a safe and comfortable learning environment for each of my third graders. We will work together to take care of each other and build up our growth mindset as we learn new routines.

I have created a School Supply page at the top of the blog. You can find it HERE. We will not be sharing supplies this year so it will be important for your child to have their own individual items labeled with their name. Some of the items you send in will also be used in specials classes.

It will be important to send in one healthy snack each day for our morning snack break.

I look forward to getting to know your third grader this year. If you could, please fill out this survey to share any other information that would be helpful. Thank you!

If you have not done so already, please read the blog post from Mr. Waldie! We are excited to welcome him to our Georgetown family! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the school blog so you won’t miss announcements from the office or information from Mr. Waldie.

If you are looking for another way to help out our classroom, please take a look at my Amazon Wishlist. Thank you for your support!!

Summer Learning 2020

Dear Parents,

Studies have shown that students can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation.   Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “KEEP ON LEARNING” this summer to prevent summer slide.  There are a few ways your child can continue learning throughout the summer.


    This is a great way to practice multiplication and division facts, but it would be great for your child to practice the other subjects on there as well.
    Login will be   
    • Flashcards are always a great way to practice math facts, too.


• Chapter book reading for 20 minutes (or more!). Help your child maintain their reading progress by keeping a reading routine. With the unusual way our school year ended, maintaining reading skills will be very crucial through the summer and into 4th grade in the fall.

• EPIC : If your child enjoys using this site for reading and they’d like to use this throughout the Summer months, please let me know as I will need to send you a link for access.

• Challenge your child to read fiction and nonfiction texts.

3. Writing:

• Have your child keep a journal and write abut their summer adventures and activities. Remind them to think of a small moment and include details, thoughts, and feelings as they write.
• Write about reading: As your child reads, have them write about the text.
– Describe the main character.
– Describe the setting of the story
– Make a prediction
– How would you feel if you were the main character? Would you do anything differently?
– Why do you think the author wrote this story?
– What is the lesson of this story?

4. Workbooks
• You may find 3rd/4th grade workbooks at bookstores that would have some great skill practice.


Our last day of 3rd Grade!

I have loved teaching this group of third graders this year! They are so special to me! Thank you for your support throughout the year and especially these last few months. Thank you for encouraging your child as a learner and coaching them through a difficult transition.
I wish your family a summer of fun, family time, and relaxation!

Enjoy this video that highlights some of our moments this year.

Ms Van Arkel 🙂