Summer Learning 2020

Dear Parents,

Studies have shown that students can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation.   Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “KEEP ON LEARNING” this summer to prevent summer slide.  There are a few ways your child can continue learning throughout the summer.


    This is a great way to practice multiplication and division facts, but it would be great for your child to practice the other subjects on there as well.
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    • Flashcards are always a great way to practice math facts, too.


• Chapter book reading for 20 minutes (or more!). Help your child maintain their reading progress by keeping a reading routine. With the unusual way our school year ended, maintaining reading skills will be very crucial through the summer and into 4th grade in the fall.

• EPIC : If your child enjoys using this site for reading and they’d like to use this throughout the Summer months, please let me know as I will need to send you a link for access.

• Challenge your child to read fiction and nonfiction texts.

3. Writing:

• Have your child keep a journal and write abut their summer adventures and activities. Remind them to think of a small moment and include details, thoughts, and feelings as they write.
• Write about reading: As your child reads, have them write about the text.
– Describe the main character.
– Describe the setting of the story
– Make a prediction
– How would you feel if you were the main character? Would you do anything differently?
– Why do you think the author wrote this story?
– What is the lesson of this story?

4. Workbooks
• You may find 3rd/4th grade workbooks at bookstores that would have some great skill practice.