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3rd Grade Update!

I look forward to sharing all the great things happening in third grade when I meet with you at conferences next week. Conference appointments were sent home a few weeks ago. Please let me know if you are unsure of your time.

The book fair is coming next week. Our class will preview on Tuesday and have a chance to purchase on Thursday.

Please be sure to check and sign your child’s daily agenda. Classroom tickets are given to students each morning if their agenda is signed.

Here’s what’s happening in third grade:
Writing: We are completing a realistic fiction unit and will review personal narratives before moving on to some research writing.

Spelling/Grammar: We have been working in spelling groups to work on our words throughout the week. Please remember that spelling words go home each Monday for the test on Friday. We have been learning about verbs as well as irregular verbs and using past and present tense.

Math: We are working on a unit with 2 step word problems with hidden or extra information. We have been working on using strategies to solve these kinds of problems.

Reading: We are working through a biography unit. The students have really enjoyed reading about famous people and learning about their lives.

Science: There will be a test this week. Review material was sent home last week.

Homework Folder

Hi Parents,

There are a few things coming home in the homework folder tonight.

1. Daily Agenda: We fill this out daily to let you know our learning goals for the day and the homework assignment. Please ask your third grader about their agenda each night. Sign it and remind your child to bring it to school each day. Thanks!

2. Reading/Math Log:  This will be sent home each Monday and returned the next Monday. Consistent reading and practicing math facts are very important to our third grade year. Please help your third grader to be accountable with this. Please sign it when it is complete and send it back on Monday.  Thank You!


What A Great Day!!

We had a wonderful first day in third grade!! We talked about some small moments that happened this summer, we went to art, and we made our class promise just to name a few things. It was so nice to see each other and I am already impressed with how helpful and caring this group is! Wow!!

Your child brought home their daily folder tonight. Please take a look at the agenda. There is a homework section where your student will write the day’s homework. Please read this over and sign it each night. Make sure it comes back to school. Thank You!

Your child’s homework tonight is to tell you about their favorite part of today!

Ms Van Arkel  🙂