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3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Here is an update of our learning:

This week we are taking time to practice constructive responses. That means we are reading an article or short story and responding in writing. We are learning to answer the question well by using complete sentences with details from the text that supports our answer. This is a skill we continue to practice throughout the year.

We have been practicing telling time and writing it as before and after the hour. We will move on to elapsed time and interpreting and creating graphs.

Book clubs have been meeting for the last week! Each book club has been given a book that has a main character that faces a problem. Each student must complete their reading assignment, make observations about the character, and then the book club meets to discuss. Each group discuss the problem and how the character reacts. They make predictions as they read as well.

Growth Mindset:
The past several weeks we have been talking about kindness. Our class has been working on a kindness challenge and we even made self portraits that included kindness quotes. We have also discussed Black History Month and learned about many courageous men and women who have made a difference by showing kindness with their actions and words even when it was not an easy thing to do.


More Information:

Homework: A weekly reading and math log went home today. This is your third grader’s homework and should be returned each Monday.

• Our next Early Release day is Friday, March 5. Dismissal is at 12:15pm.

Parent- Teacher Conferences will take place (via Zoom) on Monday, March 8 and Wednesday March 10. I will be sending an email with sign up soon.

Book Fair: Our class will preview the book fair on Tuesday, March 9 and students may purchase on Thursday, March 11.

On Friday, February 12, we enjoyed some Valentine themed learning. Check it out!



Third Grade Families,
Here is our weekly update with some important information:

Book Fair: We will be previewing the book fair tomorrow. This will be our only visit to the book fair. If you are prepared for your child to make a purchase, you may send money with them tomorrow. Please be sure this is in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.
You may use this link to shop the book fair online.

Tomorrow is the final day do bring in canned goods for PE CARES.

Third Grade Self Evaluation: You will see a self-evaluation page come home. This is a page your child filled out in reflection of third grade. On the bottom of the page I have added their current reading level as well as their scores from MobyMax math fact fluency.

At-Home Learning Assignments: Please look for an envelope to come home. In this envelope are the assignments for your child to complete on Friday 11/20, Monday 11/23, Tuesday 11/24, and Monday 11/30.
On Tuesday, 12/1 I will begin using Google Classroom to communicate assignments and lessons. These will be live and/or recorded lessons as well as some scheduled classroom meetings via zoom. I will communicate more about the daily learning schedule over the next few days. Thank you for your support and patience as we make this transition.

A QR code was sent home a few weeks ago for your child to access Clever. On Clever they will be able to access Google Classroom, MobyMax, Epic, and Scholastic.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: I was able to meet (virtually) with some of you tonight and I look forward to meeting with the rest on Wednesday night to share you child’s progress.


3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Here are a few important things to know…

We have an early release this Friday, Nov. 13. Dismissal is at 12:15.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually next Monday and Wednesday. You should have received an email with a link for the conference right after you signed up. Please let me know if you do not have this link. I look forward to sharing your child’s progress!

Book Fair:
Book Fair – Nov 16-20, M-Th 9-3:30 and Friday 9-10 for last minute shoppers. Unfortunately we cannot open this up to parents like we usually do during conferences, but you will be able to shop online.  Schedule and details will come soon along with a flyer.

Here is a link to the online shopping for the book fair. It will be open to shop from Nov. 11 – 24!!  https://www.scholastic.com/bf/georgetownelementaryschool2

PE CARES continues through Nov. 18. Please send in canned goods that will be donated to Love Inc. Thank you!

HOMEWORK: A weekly math and reading log went home today. It should be turned in next Monday. Your third grader will also have two math pages to complete for homework that’s due THURSDAY, Nov. 12. These math pages are review of concepts that have been taught. If your child is struggling with them, please give prompts to use math strategies they have learned.

Thanksgiving Break is November 25, 26, and 27.

Thank you for all the ways you support your child’s success in third grade!

Update: Week of March 11

I look forward to seeing you during Parent/Teacher Conferences this week! Our third graders have made great progress and it is exciting for me to share that with you!

I am sending report cards home today. Your third grader can be very proud of all their hard work! If your child is discouraged that they did not receive ALL 3s on their report card, please remind them of their GROWTH MINDSET. We have worked hard on using a growth mindset as we work on learning and make progress toward our goals. The standards you see on the report card show progress being made and they will continue to be assessed. Remind your third grader that learning takes hard work and practice. I am very proud of our class!

Our class will preview the book fair on Monday. If your child chooses to make a purchase, please send the money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name by Wednesday. Thanks!

March is Reading Month- FUN FRIDAY:
Our class is celebrating Reading Month with some activities on Fridays. This Friday, we are wearing our words! Choose a shirt with words so others can read it!

MobyMax math fact practice: Please remind your third grader to get on MobyMax to practice math facts. This will help build their fact fluency progress.


Week of November 5

Here’s an update for our week:

I look forward to meeting with you at conferences this week! I will see you on Monday evening or Wednesday evening.

We will preview the book fair on Tuesday. If you would like your child to make a purchase, please send money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name by Thursday. 

WRITING: We are working on opinion writing. Each student has chosen their opinion statement and is now working on writing their reasons with supporting details. We are learning to write this into a paragraph.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We continue to study the geography of Michigan. We started learning about natural resources.

READING: We are finishing up our unit on characters. We are studying the characters in the book Because of Winn-Dixie. We have been able to identify character traits and the way the main character changes throughout the story.

MATH: We continue working on multiplication and division. We have been practicing the facts by working on a lot of word problems.

THURSDAY NOV. 8: Jet’s Pizza Night- mention our class when you order!
MONDAY NOV. 19:  Culver’s Night  5-8pm


Update: Week of March 12

  • I look forward to meeting with you this week for conferences. We have been working hard in third grade and it is exciting for me to share your child’s progress!
  • Homework this week is Homework 4-7 and Homework 4-8. This is  due next Monday March 19.
  • Multiplication Fluency Practice: A practice page will come home today. This was completed on Friday. Attached to this practice page will be a note saying NOT YET or GOT IT! This lets you and your third grader know what facts should be practiced for this Friday. Your third grader keeps track of their progress here at school so they know exactly what facts to practice. Please help your third grader practice their facts this week.
  • MobyMax should be practiced regularly at home. You will need to log onto Clever to access MobyMax. Let me know if you have forgotten how to do this. There is a link on the right side of the blog under AT HOME links.  I will also continue to have all kids practice fluency here at school.
  • We will be previewing at the book fair on Tuesday. Our purchase day is on Wednesday. If your child plan’s to make a purchase, please send the money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name. Thanks!
  • We will have our Government test on Friday. We have been learning about the three branches of Government and we have been reviewing in class. A review page will be coming home this week.
    Grades 3-5 have been preparing for the state test (M-STEP).  This is a required test and it will take place in the weeks immediately following spring break.
    Please make sure you look ahead on your family calendar (Gr 3,4,5) to make sure that your child is at school on the days listed.   Please change any appointments so they do not occur the mornings of testing.
    Also, provide extra nutritional snacks on the testing days, along with a water bottle — and adequate sleep during the testing period.
    Testing takes place between 9-12 on these dates:
    • Grade 5  April 10, 11, 12, 17
    • Grade 4  May 8, 9, 10
    • Grade 3  April  24, 25, 26


Conferences and Book Fair this week!


I look forward to sharing your students progress this week! Conferences will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Our preview day for the book fair is Tuesday. Your child will bring home a wish list. If you decide to make a purchase, please send money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name. Our purchase day is on Thursday.


3rd Grade Update!

I look forward to sharing all the great things happening in third grade when I meet with you at conferences next week. Conference appointments were sent home a few weeks ago. Please let me know if you are unsure of your time.

The book fair is coming next week. Our class will preview on Tuesday and have a chance to purchase on Thursday.

Please be sure to check and sign your child’s daily agenda. Classroom tickets are given to students each morning if their agenda is signed.

Here’s what’s happening in third grade:
Writing: We are completing a realistic fiction unit and will review personal narratives before moving on to some research writing.

Spelling/Grammar: We have been working in spelling groups to work on our words throughout the week. Please remember that spelling words go home each Monday for the test on Friday. We have been learning about verbs as well as irregular verbs and using past and present tense.

Math: We are working on a unit with 2 step word problems with hidden or extra information. We have been working on using strategies to solve these kinds of problems.

Reading: We are working through a biography unit. The students have really enjoyed reading about famous people and learning about their lives.

Science: There will be a test this week. Review material was sent home last week.

This week in 3rd Grade!

I look forward to meeting with my third grade families this week and sharing all the neat things we have been working on!
Today we previewed at the book fair and your child should have brought home a wish list. Our purchase day is on Wednesday. If you decide to send in money with your child, please place it in an envelope with their name on it. Thank you!
New spelling words have gone home today. We are studying long u and short u vowel sounds. The spelling test will be on Friday.



~Next Week~

On Monday we will have an all school Pajama Day. I told the students that they may also bring in a small stuffed animal if they would like to. 

We will preview books at the book fair on Tuesday. Your child will come home with a wish list. Our purchase day is on Thursday. Please send money in with your child if they wish to purchase. Thank you!

We will begin a new unit in math that will cover word problems. We will also begin our science and social studies switch again as well.