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Multiplication and Division

We have been working on learning strategies for multiplication and division facts. Today we used counters to help us solve word problems.

Example: I have 12 books that I will place on 2 bookshelves. How many books will be on each shelf?

Joe has 27 baseball cards. He arranges them in 3 rows. How many baseball cards will be in each row?

***Please help your child practice their math flashcards for at least 5 minutes each night. Building fluency with multiplication facts will be crucial to learning division and future math concepts.

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Math Facts and Word Work Words

Please continue to practice math facts at home. This includes both multiplication and division. There are many ways to practice including flashcards and simply writing out the count bys. Your third grader may also use the math games right here on the blog. Just look under the math category. Also, Xtra math would be a great way to practice too.

New word work words went home today. We are working in word work groups so not everyone has the same words. We will be using these words during our word work time at school. Please practice them at home as well.

Thanks, Miss Van Arkel  🙂

A few things…

Please remember to check your child’s homework folder daily. There are many papers and notes that go home as well as homework. Please ask your child for their folder and take a look at it with them. This will help build responsibility in our third graders. Thanks for helping with this!

As we move into fractions in math it is extremely helpful that your child continue to practice multiplication and division facts. As you practice at home it will also help your child be prepared for 4th grade math as well. Thanks!

Math Review and Test

We will have our math test on Thursday. We will review tomorrow in class and that review sheet will be sent home to help study.

It would be very helpful to study multiplication and division facts 0-5, 9 and 10. Also practice drawing and writing equations (multiplication and division) for area models like this:

7 x 3 = 21      3 x 7 = 21     21/3 =7    21/7 = 3

Picture 7

Don’t forget about the multiplication games linked on the right side of the blog under math. These would be a fun way to practice!

Multiplication and Division Facts

We are beginning the 2s facts. We have flashcards that we work on at school. You will continue to find the practice papers (thin slips of paper) come home to practice. Please continue to practice these each night.

We are also learning division along with multiplication. Please practice these facts as well. If we know  5×7= 35   then we know   35/7= 5.

It is very important that your third grader feel very confident with multiplication facts so they will be able to relate it to division.

Also, please take a look at the links on the right side of the blog under math. There are a few multiplication sites that have some fun games. Check them out!!!

Thanks for your support!