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Third Grade Update

Hi Third Grade Families,
I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the school year! Despite the changes this year and all things considered, this has been a great year of learning with a special group of third graders!

Writing: Our third graders have been meeting with their research clubs to work on their second animal book. Each person is working on organizing their research to write their chapter to contribute to the book.

Math: Our class has been working hard learning about area and perimeter as well as learning all the different attributes of polygons and quadrilaterals.
Math Test: We will have our math test on Wednesday. A review packet along with a math vocabulary packet will come home today (Monday).
Math Vocabulary packet:  You will see a math vocabulary packet come home with your child tonight. Please use this as you help your child review for the test.

During math, we had fun using tangrams to make different shapes:

Reading: Our research clubs are working on reading and research to find the most important information about their animal. We are learning different text structures such as: sequential writing, compare/contrast, cause and effect, and problem/solution.

Social Studies: We have started exploring the different landforms and bodies of water in Michigan. We are also learning about natural characteristics and human characteristics of Michigan.

Other News:

Early Release on Friday, May 21. Dismissal at 12:15

Bring a towel: Your child may want to bring in a towel for the remaining weeks of school. As the weather gets nicer, we may take advantage of it and do some reading outside.

Note home: Your child brought home a note today (Monday) regarding a third grade presentation from the Children’s Advocacy Center. Please be sure to take a look at this note.

Thank you!
Ms Van Arkel 🙂



Third Grade Update

Hello Families,
Here’s a learning update from third grade:

We are working in research clubs and each club is studying an animal. They are in planning out their table of contents and subtopics. Each club member is in charge of writing a chapter or two and the research club will put their book together. Students are working on reading for research and working on organizing information and using different text structures.

Social Studies:
We are beginning to study the Geography of Michigan. We will learn how to use map skills and learn about the natural and human characteristics of Michigan.

We have started learning about area and perimeter and will move on to learn about characteristics of quadrilaterals.

Math Fact Fluency: We will do our fact fluency pages for only two more Fridays. It has really become evident that many third graders are not practicing multiplication facts and not completely retaining what they have learned. It is very crucial that our third graders are practicing their facts several times a week. This will be very important over the summer as well leading up to fourth grade.

During our reading time, students are working on reading for research. They have been using different resources to gather information about their animal. They are learning to take notes so they will be able to write about their subtopic.

MSTEP testing is this week Thursday, May 6 and next Thursday, May 13. It will be important that your child is at school on time and that they have had a healthy breakfast and adequate sleep. If your child seems anxious or worried about this, it will be most helpful if you would remind them to just do their best to show what they know! They hear this from me a lot at school.   🙂

Book Order:
A Scholastic Book Order was sent home last week. This will be the last book order I send home for the year. This would be a great time to purchase books for Summer Reading!
If you plan to order, please place your order online by Friday, May 7. Thank you in advance for your purchases as it allows me to choose free books for our classroom library!

Our next early release day is May 21. Dismissal is at 12:15pm.

Our classroom is in need of some sandwich sized Ziploc bags. If you are able to donate, please send them in with your child. Thanks in advance!


Thank you for all your support!

Ms Van Arkel



3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Here is an update of our learning:

This week we are taking time to practice constructive responses. That means we are reading an article or short story and responding in writing. We are learning to answer the question well by using complete sentences with details from the text that supports our answer. This is a skill we continue to practice throughout the year.

We have been practicing telling time and writing it as before and after the hour. We will move on to elapsed time and interpreting and creating graphs.

Book clubs have been meeting for the last week! Each book club has been given a book that has a main character that faces a problem. Each student must complete their reading assignment, make observations about the character, and then the book club meets to discuss. Each group discuss the problem and how the character reacts. They make predictions as they read as well.

Growth Mindset:
The past several weeks we have been talking about kindness. Our class has been working on a kindness challenge and we even made self portraits that included kindness quotes. We have also discussed Black History Month and learned about many courageous men and women who have made a difference by showing kindness with their actions and words even when it was not an easy thing to do.


More Information:

Homework: A weekly reading and math log went home today. This is your third grader’s homework and should be returned each Monday.

• Our next Early Release day is Friday, March 5. Dismissal is at 12:15pm.

Parent- Teacher Conferences will take place (via Zoom) on Monday, March 8 and Wednesday March 10. I will be sending an email with sign up soon.

Book Fair: Our class will preview the book fair on Tuesday, March 9 and students may purchase on Thursday, March 11.

On Friday, February 12, we enjoyed some Valentine themed learning. Check it out!



Third Grade Update

Hi Families,
Just a few things to bring to your attention:

Friday, February 5 is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15. We do not have school on Monday, February 8 due to Winter Break.

Kids Heart Challenge
Kids Heart Challenge information was sent home and began on Feb. 1.  Please note that this program is for the American Heart Association and can only be done online.  For more information ask your child for the KHC envelope they got and you can also go to the PE Blog 

Valentines: If your child chooses to bring in Valentine cards for classmates, please send them to school before Wednesday, February 10.

Extra Mask: Please make sure your child has an extra mask packed in their backpack each day. Thank you!

Homework: Please remind your third grader to complete their math/reading log that is due each Monday. This is their third grade homework and we have many students who have been working on being responsible with this. Thank you!



Third Grade Update

Hi Families,
Here’s what’s happening in third grade:

Today, we started a new writing unit. We will be learning about literary essays and the class will be working on reading a text, studying the characters, and writing a literary essay.

We are finishing up Unit 4 with the test tomorrow (Tuesday). We will move on to Unit 3 and study measurement, weight, volume, mass, elapsed time, and graphing.

We started our Character Studies unit today. We will use the book Because of Winn-Dixie to study the main character and we will move on to book clubs where the students will talk and discuss the characters in their text.

A new math/reading log went home today. Please remind your third grader to fill this out throughout the week to keep track of their reading and math practice. It is very important that our third graders are remaining consistent with this especially as we move into the next reading and math units. Thank you!

Growth Mindset:
In the last few weeks we have learned about empathy, using strategies for worrying, and today we started talking about how our mindset impacts our mood.

Valentine’s Day:
We will do some Valentine related activities on Friday, February. 12. If your child chooses to bring in Valentine’s to pass out, they should be brought to school before Wednesday, February 10. I will send a class list home. We will decorate Valentine gift bags at school.

Friday, February 5 is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15
Monday, February 8- NO SCHOOL- WINTER BREAK



3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Here are a few important things to know…

We have an early release this Friday, Nov. 13. Dismissal is at 12:15.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually next Monday and Wednesday. You should have received an email with a link for the conference right after you signed up. Please let me know if you do not have this link. I look forward to sharing your child’s progress!

Book Fair:
Book Fair – Nov 16-20, M-Th 9-3:30 and Friday 9-10 for last minute shoppers. Unfortunately we cannot open this up to parents like we usually do during conferences, but you will be able to shop online.  Schedule and details will come soon along with a flyer.

Here is a link to the online shopping for the book fair. It will be open to shop from Nov. 11 – 24!!  https://www.scholastic.com/bf/georgetownelementaryschool2

PE CARES continues through Nov. 18. Please send in canned goods that will be donated to Love Inc. Thank you!

HOMEWORK: A weekly math and reading log went home today. It should be turned in next Monday. Your third grader will also have two math pages to complete for homework that’s due THURSDAY, Nov. 12. These math pages are review of concepts that have been taught. If your child is struggling with them, please give prompts to use math strategies they have learned.

Thanksgiving Break is November 25, 26, and 27.

Thank you for all the ways you support your child’s success in third grade!

3rd Grade Update

Here’s an update of our learning in third grade:
Writing: The third graders have started drafting their personal narratives. They have carefully looked at mentor texts to notice what other authors do to make their writing powerful. They will work to try a lot of these strategies as they finish drafting this week. We will move on to revising and editing.

Math: So far we have learned the 5s, 2s, 10s, 9s, and 3s multiplication facts!! We have been learning lots of strategies for solving multiplication and division problems and word problems. The best way to support your child with multiplication right now is to help them practice their math facts. It is so crucial that they know their facts as we move in to new math concepts. Thanks!

Reading: We are learning the importance of building a reading life! We are learning how to choose good-fit books, how to read as if our books are like GOLD, and we are learning to keep track of progress with a reading log.

Growth Mindset: We continue to talk about how our mindset can make a difference in our learning and in our daily lives. This week, we talked all about facing challenges and I was able to challenge the class with the Coin Flip Challenge! We definitely needed to use a growth mindset with this! We also started talking abut choices and how each choice we make impacts our day and it can also impact ourselves and those around us. We read the book What Should Danny Do? and it reminded our class that each of us has the power to choose!

*Other important things to know*

Homework: Reading/Math Fact log: A Reading/Math Fact log was sent home with your third grader today (Monday 9/28) This will serve as third grade homework and is meant to support your child in gaining accountability and responsibility as a learner. Last week, your third grader started using a reading log in class and now they will be responsible for keeping track of their reading at home. This reading log will be turned in every Monday. Thank you for your support with this!

Walk a thon!!:
Thank you for supporting our school! Final donation date is Wed, Sept. 30. There’s still time to donate!

  •       Register your Child using School Identifier 5f3d669d605c9, please visit www.getmovinfundhub.com 
  •       Event Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020
  •       Final Donation due date: September 30, 2020
  •         Donations can be online through your child’s webpage.  Otherwise, donations in the form of cash & checks (in-school donations), should be turned in to the school.

  •         Please make checks payable to: Georgetown Elementary PTC

•           Visit this page for more details!!

Picture Day is this Thursday, October 1
Forms were sent home last week, but we do have some extra in the office if needed! If your child is not at school on Thursday, picture retake day will be Tuesday, Nov 3. If you would like to order your pictures online, you would go to geskusphoto.com/fallorders and you will need this webcode. 264BFISDGVNHA

The next Early Release is Friday, Oct. 23. Dismissal is at 12;15pm. If your child is a car rider, please be at school between 12:10 and 12:15 for pick up.  Food Service will be offering a sack lunch on early release days. Children can order a lunch with their teacher in the morning and will have them to take to their destination.

Ms Van Arkel 🙂

3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,

Our class has been doing a wonderful job at getting back into the school routine! We have taken time to get to know each other and learn our new procedures.
Here is an update of our learning:

We are learning strategies for personal narrative writing. We are learning how to make goals and how to use strategies when we get stuck. We have been working on writing like a storyteller and not a reporter.

Growth Mindset:
We have been learning all about different character traits such as kindness, acceptance, friendship, courage, and bravery. With each trait, we read a book to help us understand what that character trait can look like. We will continue to learn about using a growth mindset as a learner and we will work on making goals for our learning. We will also be learning about how the parts of our brain help us learn.

We have started learning and understanding the concept of multiplication. We have learned to use drawings as a strategy. We will be using flashcards to learn and have started with the 5s facts. It will be important for your child to build a habit of practicing multiplication facts for at least 5 minutes, at least 5 days a week.

We are working on building our reading life and choosing good-fit books. Our class is practicing building stamina as a reader.

A few more reminders:
• Scholastic Book order is due today (Mon. 9/14). If you are still planning to order ( Follow the directions on the flyer that went home), please do so by 10pm tonight.

• Occasionally we use headphones during computer time. If your child would like to use their own earbuds or headphones, please send them into school for your child to keep in their desk.

EARLY RELEASE is this Friday, September, 18. Dismissal is at 12:15. Your child may order a sack lunch to take home from food service.



Week of March 2

Hi Parents,

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held Monday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 11. Your conference time was sent home a few weeks ago. Please contact me if you need a reminder of your conference time. I look forward to sharing your child’s progress in third grade!

Homework: Study Island homework assignment should be completed by Tuesday evening. An email was sent last Wednesday giving directions about logging into Study Island. These assignments can be tricky and require focus and stamina. This is an assignment for you to support your child in. Help them read carefully and think through strategies for solving the problem. They should use scrap paper to show their thinking. It is important that this assignment is completed by Tuesday night. Thank you!

Reading: March is Reading Month!! It is very important that your third grader continue to build their reading skills by reading daily for at least 20 minutes. During this second half of the year, reading expectations are set a little higher and reading outside of school can help improve reading skills and boost confidence too!

Math Fact Practice: Help your child to continue building math fact skills by practicing math facts for 5 minutes each day. We will only be doing our Friday practice pages for a few more weeks. I have seen many students making great progress because they have been doing lots of practicing. Way to go!!

FRIDAY, MARCH 6 is an early release day. Dismissal is at 12:15pm. 

Here is an update of our learning:
Writing: We finished up our literary essays and completed our post assessment of opinion writing. We will be spending some time on learning to write a constructed response and practice our test taking skills in preparation for MSTEP.

Math: We are beginning our next unit this week and we will be studying Geometry. We will study rays, angles, quadrilaterals, etc.

Reading: We are in the middle of book clubs and each club has been reading a book and studying the characters. They have been discussing what their character is learning and how they are moving across the story mountain of their book.

Social Studies: We have started to learn about Michigan History. We are studying the Three Fires, the Native American groups, that lived long ago in Michigan.



Week of February 10

Here is an update from 3rd grade:

Writing: We have started our literary essay unit. We are practicing making a thesis and using evidence from the text to support.

Math: We are working on Unit 4 and have been practicing rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. We have reviewed strategies for addition and are practicing addition word problems. Please help your child to continue to practice their multiplication facts.

Reading: We are studying characters in our fiction books. We are observing what the character says and does and then thinking deeper to form a theory about the character. Please continue to help your child build a routine of 20 minutes of reading each night!

Social Studies: We are almost done with the Economics unit. You should see a test review come home this week. I will keep you updated as to when our test will be.

Important Details:

Homework: Study Island homework assignment should be completed by Tuesday evening. An email was sent last Wednesday giving directions about logging into Study Island.

Valentines: If your child chooses to write Valentine cards to their classmates, they should bring them in by Friday.  Please do not send in a box to collect Valentine cards. We will be decorating Valentine bags in class.

Coming Up:
Thursday, February 13– Jet’s Pizza Night… be sure to mention our classroom!
Friday, February 21– early release: dismissal at 12:15pm.