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Week of September 30!

I can’t believe we are entering into the month of October already! I have seen growth in our third graders and I am proud of their hard work as we learn new routines and expectations and dive into third grade curriculum!


You will see a reading/math fact log come home today. As your third grader completes their at-home reading and math fact practice, they will fill out their reading log. A new one will be sent home every Monday and it should be returned the following Monday. Your third grader will sign the five days they did their reading and fact practice. We are using detailed reading logs in class so using an at-home log will support the reading that we are doing at school. Thanks for your help with this!

Math Fact Cards: You will see your child’s yellow fact folder filling up. As your third grader works on their math fact log, please help them choose one set of count bys (one color) flash cards to work on each night. As each color is mastered, move on to the next. We have learned the 5s, 2s, 10s, 9s, 3s, 4s, so far. It is really starting to become apparent which kids are regularly going over their math facts and which kids are not. PLEASE help your child gain confidence with their math work by practicing these at home!

(This is optional, but may be combined with our classroom reading calendar)
Our classroom is participating in the BOOK IT! program again this year to help encourage reading.  Your child will be bringing home a Pizza Hut Book It calendar with a reading goal on it beginning October 1.  Each time your child reads they may mark it on their calendar.  At the end of the month please have them return their calendar to school and they will bring home a coupon attached to it for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  This program runs from October thru March.  HAPPY READING!!!

Our second winner of the contest is: KENDALL!! She chose a MobyMax hat as her prize. Way to go, Kendall! Our contest continues for one more week. The last winner will be chosen next Monday.
Our class has one snack break in the morning. Please pack your child a healthy snack to support their learning. If your child chooses to have an afternoon snack, please pack an extra so they can eat it during afternoon recess. Thank you!
Classroom Halloween Party: We will be having a class party on Thursday, October 31. I will be sending more information about this tomorrow.

Homework Packet and Self Evaluation

Hi Parents,

A homework packet is coming home tonight. This packet is due next Monday October, 19. 

This week you will see a student self evaluation come home. We talked about what evaluation is and how it is a good way to check in to see how things are going and what we want to work on. Please look for those self-evaluations to come home this week. They need to be signed and returned to school. Thank you!

**Just a reminder that our Halloween Party is Thursday, Oct. 29 from 12:30-1:15.

This Week in Third Grade!

Hi Parents,

We have a short, but busy week. There are a few things I want you to be aware of and to remind you of.
Students do not have school on Friday due to records day. Tomorrow (28th) is picture retakes. Please let me know (email or send a note) if your child will get picture retakes. New spelling words are going home today and the spelling test will be on Thursday. We are practicing long o and short o patterns this week. Please remember to help your child practice math facts and read throughout the week. Reading and math logs are due each Monday. We are beginning our science and social studies switch today. The students will go to Ms VanderStel for science. Our Halloween party will be Thursday from 2:30-3:30. Students may bring appropriate costumes to change into. I am sending conference times home today. I am looking forward to meeting with you next week to share your child’s progress! 

This Week…

New spelling words are coming home today. We are working on long i and short i patterns.  We will have our spelling test on Friday.

We have been studying movement in Social Studies. Today we reviewed and the review sheet went home tonight. Please take a look at this with your third grader. Tomorrow, we will have a short quiz to check understanding.

Continue practicing multiplication and division facts at home. I sent a page home today that tells about xtra math. It is an online math practice site. Please use that page for directions on how to access it. The site will have each student start out practicing addition and subtraction. When they pass, they move on to multiplication.

Our Halloween Party will be Thursday, Oct. 30 from 2:30-3:30.


A few things…

We have started to work in math groups today. Your third grader may have a different teacher for this new math unit we are beginning.
As a district and a school, our goal is to meet the learning needs of ALL students.  We follow a curriculum in reading and writing that allows each student to read and write at their individual learning level.  We are doing the same instruction pattern in the content area of mathematics.
Using a set of criteria based on the 3rd grade level, we will be pretesting prior to each unit to determine the best placement for your child. Students were identified for one of three groups:  ON GRADE LEVEL (Just Right), SUPPORT MATH (additional support needed for some grade level concepts),  or EXTENSION MATH (ability for more challenging math, a desire to work on more advanced mathematics, and display appropriate work habits in the classroom).

Our Halloween party will be on Thursday, October 31 from 1:00-1:45. 

(No school on Friday, November 1).  

Please send your child’s costume to school in a bag.  Costumes must be school appropriate.  No blood, guts, gore, or weapons!




Our weather is becoming cooler very quickly. Please remember to send a warm coat, hat, and gloves with your third grader. Thank you!


3rd Grade Update!

Here’s what’s happening in 3rd grade:

Writing: We started making a t-chart of topics we know a lot about and then listed the facts that we know. We will organize our information and begin writing our informational piece. 

Reading: We continue practicing the strategy of making a mental image while we read. We listen to words in the stories and then form a picture in our minds. This helps us understand and comprehend what we read.

Math: We have started our multiplication unit!! This is a big deal in third grade and we are excited. We kicked off our multiplication unit by practicing our 5s count-bys with M&Ms! Your child has learned the 5s facts through 12. I encourage you to help your third grader practice the facts at home. Have your son/daughter write out their 5s count-bys. 

Social Studies: We have completed our Geography unit. We will begin switching for Social Studies and Science. Starting on Monday, our class will begin Science with Ms. VanderStel. 

Coming Up: 

Oct. 30   Picture Retakes   Please remember if you are having re-takes done to make sure your student brings their picture booklet back in to hand in to Geskus.  If your child was absent on the first picture day they just need to bring in their envelope with their picture selections and money/check if you are interested in ordering. 

Oct 31  Halloween Party   1:00-1:45

11/2 ~ NO SCHOOL  

11/5 ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/5-11/9 ~ Book Fair

11/6 ~ Jet’s Pizza Night

11/7-11/8 ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/21 ~ 11/23  Thanksgiving Break ~ NO SCHOOL

A few important things…

Just a reminder to send in a glass jar with your third grader as soon as possible.  This will be for the craft at our Halloween party. Please wrap it for safe travels and put your child’s name on the bottom.  Thanks!
Our lead parent for our Halloween party has been contacted and given a list of volunteers to contact.We are looking forward to a fun party. Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Conference notes went home on Monday. Please make note of when your child’s conference is scheduled. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing all the wonderful things about third grade!  🙂

Halloween Party!

Our Halloween party will be on Monday October 31 from 12:45-1:30. Your child may bring a costume to change into. We will have time right after lunch to do this.

Please have your child bring in a glass jar (with the lid if possible) for the craft. This can be a jar that has been used and washed out. For example: a canning jar, or a spaghetti sauce jar. A wide mouth jar would work best. With a permanent marker, write your child’s name on the bottom of the jar.

****Please wrap the jar as best you can and place it in a plastic bag before putting it in your child’s backpack. This would be helpful for safe travels to and from school.****

Thank you!

Halloween Party and Conferences!

Just a reminder that our Halloween party will be tomorrow at around 2:30. Students will be able to change into their costumes after recess. We will end our party at around 3:20 in order to leave some time for clean- up and to get changed out of costumes.

Also, please make sure you have checked the conference schedule (see post below) for next week. I look forward to meeting with each of you. I can’t wait to share the exciting things happening in third grade!

Miss Van Arkel 🙂