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Update: Week of May 20

Here’s an update of our learning in third grade:

Writing/Social Studies: We are working on writing about a public issue. We are learning about point of view and how to connect Core Democratic Values to our point of view.

Math: We are working on solving word problems and comparison problems. We are learning about strategies such as drawing comparison bars and noticing when word problems have extra or hidden information.

Reading: We are working on completing our research and writing for our biography project. I am working on doing some reading assessments and I have loved to see our students grow as readers this year!


  • SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER: I sent home a book order today. I was given book coupons to pass out. If your child received one, it will be stapled to their book order packet. This will be the last book order I send out and it’s a great way to stock up on some books for the summer. As always, our class appreciates your orders as it allows me to choose some free books for our classroom library!  Orders are DUE ONLINE BY MAY 28! Thanks!


  • LIBRARY BOOKS: Last Friday was the last day for books to be checked out of the library. Please remind your child to be looking for their books that need to be returned and start sending them back to school!


  • We will be celebrating the LAST TEN DAYS OF SCHOOL starting this Friday! Each day I will reveal the special celebration, but the first day requires some preparation.
    On Friday May 24, we will celebrate with Totally Red, White, and Blue day! Your child may choose to wear red, white, and blue. This also recognizes our Memorial Day weekend!

**NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY, May 27 due to Memorial Day!



5 days left…….

I can’t believe it!  5 days left…… I will so miss this great group of 3rd graders!!

We continue to celebrate our last 10 days of third grade together.

Here’s a recap:

Totally red, white, and blue day

Hat day or silly sock day

Ice cream to celebrate learning multiplication facts

Read outside

Drop everything and play kickball.

We have 5 more days of surprise activities!

The Last 10 Days of Third Grade!

Our third grade team decided to use some fun activities to celebrate the last 10 days of third grade. Take a look at what we’ll be doing!

Times table contest (May 23)
Hat day (May 24)
Ice cream sundaes for multiplication facts (May 28)
Read outside (May 29)
Doughnut Day (May 30) and our field trip

Grass games (May 31)
Recess relays  (10 extra minutes of recess for 3rd grade) (June 3)
All day seat switch (June 4)
Dining with teachers on the grass (June 5)
End with field day and friends (June 6)