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Third Grade Update

Hi Third Grade Families,
I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the school year! Despite the changes this year and all things considered, this has been a great year of learning with a special group of third graders!

Writing: Our third graders have been meeting with their research clubs to work on their second animal book. Each person is working on organizing their research to write their chapter to contribute to the book.

Math: Our class has been working hard learning about area and perimeter as well as learning all the different attributes of polygons and quadrilaterals.
Math Test: We will have our math test on Wednesday. A review packet along with a math vocabulary packet will come home today (Monday).
Math Vocabulary packet:  You will see a math vocabulary packet come home with your child tonight. Please use this as you help your child review for the test.

During math, we had fun using tangrams to make different shapes:

Reading: Our research clubs are working on reading and research to find the most important information about their animal. We are learning different text structures such as: sequential writing, compare/contrast, cause and effect, and problem/solution.

Social Studies: We have started exploring the different landforms and bodies of water in Michigan. We are also learning about natural characteristics and human characteristics of Michigan.

Other News:

Early Release on Friday, May 21. Dismissal at 12:15

Bring a towel: Your child may want to bring in a towel for the remaining weeks of school. As the weather gets nicer, we may take advantage of it and do some reading outside.

Note home: Your child brought home a note today (Monday) regarding a third grade presentation from the Children’s Advocacy Center. Please be sure to take a look at this note.

Thank you!
Ms Van Arkel 🙂



3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,
Here is an update of our learning:

Writing and Reading:
During our writing and reading times, our class is learning to use different reading strategies when reading a variety of texts. We are learning to use thinking strategies for reading a text and answering questions or writing a response.

Growth Mindset:
Last week, we spent time reviewing respect. We watched a few videos that helped us see examples of respect and disrespect. Then we discussed this as a class. We were reminded of the ways we show respect and disrespect and recognize the difference. We will continue to read books that help us review this character trait.

Today and tomorrow, we will be reviewing for our math test that will take place on Wednesday. Next, we will begin a new unit learning about fractions.
Please help your child remember to log on to MobyMax to practice math facts. Some of our third graders are working hard to master their addition and subtraction facts and move onto multiplication and division. Keep working hard!

March is Reading Month:
Your child should have a reading log that is to be kept in their daily folder. They will use this to keep track of their daily reading and parents initial each day/time read. Each Monday, they can earn a raffle ticket when they have completed 100 or more minutes of reading.

Friday, March 19: Wear a shirt with words on it!




Update: Week of October 21

Here’s an update of our learning in third grade:

Writing: We started a new unit this week! We will be learning about persuasive writing. We will be collecting ideas to share our opinion and learning writing strategies to write an essay.

Math: We have started our second math unit. We are learning the 6s, 7s, and 8s multiplication facts. We are working on applying our knowledge of the basic facts to math word problems and area problems. Practice pages went home today. Please help your third grader practice for the next one on Friday.
Reading and Math Fact Log due every Monday.
Please help your child remember to sign on the days they read and practice facts. 

Reading: We had a lot of fun solving a Halloween mystery today! This launched our next reading unit: Mysteries! We will be reading mysteries and using clues from the text to solve the mysteries within our books.

Social Studies: We have started our Michigan Geography unit. We have learned what Geography is and we are studying absolute location and relative location. We are using the map to learn how to use direction words such as: North, South, East, and West.


Writing Celebration: Last Friday we celebrated the completion of our personal narrative stories. Each student  identified a line in their story that they were most proud of. Each student shared their line and then we had a writing museum. We walked around the room to read each others writing and notice the great things each writer did to make their story so powerful. The students had a lot of encouraging words for their classmates!
Take a look at a few pictures from our celebration!

Scholastic Book Order: An October book order went home today. If you plan to order, please do this online by next Monday, October 28. As always, thank you for your orders as it allows our class to earn free books!

Football Game this Friday: One of the varsity football players has been volunteering in our classroom on Fridays. As part of this program, our class is invited to cheer him and the team on at the beginning of the football game this Friday! I sent an email about where and when to meet this Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing our class there!

Turkey Trot: October 29

Picture Retakes: October 29 . If your child is getting retakes, be sure to send in the original picture packet that was sent home today.

Math Tests: The unit 1 math test was sent home today. Please review this with your third grader and reflect on areas to keep practicing as we move forward in math.

Ms Van Arkel 🙂




Update: Week of May 27

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I can’t believe we are so close to the last day of school! It has been a great school year and I am so glad to have this group of great 3rd graders to work with this year!!

FIELD TRIP: We had a great day at Frederik Meijer Gardens today! We had some time to explore and then we experienced a great presentation to learn about trees and tree identification. It connected well to our studies of Native Americans, too!

SOCIAL STUDIES TEST: We will have our Core Democratic Values/Public Issues test on Thursday. We reviewed today and the review sheet should come home in your child’s folder.

MATH TEST: We will have our final math test on Friday. This will cover 1 and 2 step word problems and comparison problems. We will review this week and the review page should come home in your child’s folder.

Biography Living Museum is next Tuesday, June 4 from 1:30-2:15. Look for more information to come through email this week.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Friday June 7. This is a half day and dismissal is at 12:15pm.


Update: Week of May 6

Here is an update for our week ahead:

Math: We will have our math test on Wednesday. We will review today and the review page should come home in your child’s homework folder. We have learned about unit fractions, fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions.
Continue to have your child practice multiplication and division facts on MobyMax.

Reading: We continue with our biography research and are in the process of writing our final drafts. A bright yellow note went home last week about the biography presentation and the living museum. Be sure to go over this with your child and start brainstorming the presentation.

Writing: This week we will review informational writing and complete our post assessment.

Social Studies: We are learning about the 3 branches of Government and each of their roles. Look for test review pages to come home in the next week.

TONIGHT is Culver’s Night. Stop in and eat any time from 5-8pm and a portion of the earnings goes toward our school!

EARLY RELEASE: this Friday, May 10 is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15pm.

Have a great week!  🙂


Update: Week of January 28

We start this week of with a SNOW DAY on Monday! Stay safe and warm!
Here is an update for the week ahead:

Math Test: We will have our unit 3 Math test some time this week! I can’t say a specific day yet, due to the snow days. This will cover measurement, time, elapsed time, and graphing. As soon as we get back in class, we will review and the review page will come home.

Math Practice Page:
Please help your third grader to continue practicing their math facts for the next practice page.

Homework: Continue with reading (use the reading calendar) and math fact practice as part of homework. MobyMax is a great way to have your third grader practice their math facts.

Social Studies: We have started to learn about Michigan History. We are learning to be historians and are understanding how primary and secondary sources are useful to learn about the past.

Writing: We have started our unit on writing realistic fiction. We will work on creating a story plan and learning to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Weekly Word Work: We have been continuing work with practicing word patterns, vocabulary, spelling and grammar. This is done using in class activities and hands-on learning so we do not have a word list that comes home.

READING COUNTS: The first marking period for Reading Counts ended a few weeks ago. Elizabeth, Breslin, Eden, and Faith met their reading goalsl!! They enjoyed a candy treat from Mrs. VandenBerg and also an ice cream treat from me!! Way to go, girls! Many students have been reading and have already started meeting their goal for the next Reading Counts marking period!


Early Release: Friday, February 1. Dismissal at 12:15pm. 

Winter Break: Monday- Tuesday, February 4 and 5. School resumes Wednesday, February 6. 

Update: Week of November 19

Here is a quick update of a few things coming up in third grade:

Multiplication Practice Page:
We will do our practice page tomorrow instead of Wednesday (since we do not have school). Check with your third grader on what facts they will need to practice.

Geography Test:
We will plan to have our Geography test at the end of next week. We will review in class and a review page will come home.

Math Test: 
It is looking like we will have our Math Test next Wednesday. We will spend next Monday and Tuesday doing some review. You will see a review page come home.


Our school will be a drop-off location for TOYS for TOTS. Read more about how you can help HERE.

Holiday Music Program
The music program will be on December 13 at Fair Haven.
Grades K, 1, 2:  Drop off is at 6:15 pm.  Performance is at 6:30 pm.
Grades 3,4,5:  Drop off is at 7:30 pm.  Performance is at 7:45 pm.


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 21-Nov. 25). School resumes on Monday, November 26. 




Week of May 7: Update and Snapshot of our Learning!

  • We will not have a homework packet consistently for the remainder of the school year. At this point in the year we are focusing on other areas and gearing up for MSTEP. If a homework page is sent home, I will let you know. The expectation is that students continue with weekly work of reading and math practice by way of flashcards, math apps, practice pages, moby max, etc.
  • Multiplication Fluency Practice: We will have our practice page this Friday. Please ask your third grader what facts they should be practicing so they can continue to make progress!
  • MobyMax as homework practice:  This is the last day for the MobyMax contest. Students can earn 1 point for each question they answer correctly within a lesson topic that is passed. Top 5 students in our class earn a prize and the next 25 will earn a smaller prize. Please use this as homework practice.
    Third graders will need to log onto Clever to access MobyMax. Let me know if you have forgotten how to do this. There is a link on the right side of the blog under AT HOME links.  I will also continue to have all kids practice fluency here at school.
  • We will have our Math Test on Wednesday. This will cover unit fractions, fractions on a number line, and equivalent fractions. We will review today and tomorrow in class.  A review page will come home today.
  • We go to library on Friday. Please remind your third grader to bring back their books so they can get new ones.
  • Biography research homework: Please help your third grader look up a picture of the person they are researching. They should print it off and bring it to school this week. If you do not have a printer at home, please let me know. Thanks!
  • AS A REMINDER: Friday is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15

    Here is a snapshot of a few things that we have been working on in third grade:

Learning fractions with pizza!

Bird Beak Experiment

Bird Beak Experiment

Bird Beak Experiment


Week of March 26!

  • We will not be doing a math practice page this week. The practice page from last week will come home sometime this week. This will let your third grader know what facts to be practicing over spring break.
  • Our Unit 6 math test will be on Thursday. This will cover geometry and area and perimeter. A review page will be coming home.
  • No Homework Packet this week! There will not be a homework packet this week, but please help your third grader to be consistent with reading and math fact practice over spring break! It is also important for third graders to be practicing typing. Please have your third grader practice typing by clicking the links here on the right side of the blog or logging on to Clever and using Nitro Type.
  • Have a great Spring Break!! School resumes on Monday, April 9!



Update: Week of November 13

Here are a few things to know for this week:

  • A new homework packet will be coming home today. It is due next Monday, November 20. A spelling pre-test with a new spelling word list should come home as well. These words should be practiced for the spelling test on Friday.
  • We have library on Wednesday. Please help your third grader to remember to return their books so they can check out new books.
  • Multiplication Fluency Practice: You will see a practice page come home today. This was completed on Friday. Attached to this practice page will be a note saying NOT YET or GOT IT! This let’s you and your third grader know what facts will need to be practiced for this Friday. Your third grader keeps track of their own progress on a graph here at school so they will know exactly what facts they should be working on.
  • PE CARES:  Thursday is the last day to bring in canned goods! Thanks for all the donations so far. Keep them coming!
  • We will have our Unit 2 Math Test tomorrow (Tuesday). A review page is coming home tonight. This unit covered multiplication with 6s, 7s, and 8s as well as word problems.
  • As a reminder: We do not have school November 22-26. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
  • Looking Ahead: Early Release on December 1.