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3rd Grade Update

Hi Families,
Here is an update of our learning:

Writing and Reading:
During our writing and reading times, our class is learning to use different reading strategies when reading a variety of texts. We are learning to use thinking strategies for reading a text and answering questions or writing a response.

Growth Mindset:
Last week, we spent time reviewing respect. We watched a few videos that helped us see examples of respect and disrespect. Then we discussed this as a class. We were reminded of the ways we show respect and disrespect and recognize the difference. We will continue to read books that help us review this character trait.

Today and tomorrow, we will be reviewing for our math test that will take place on Wednesday. Next, we will begin a new unit learning about fractions.
Please help your child remember to log on to MobyMax to practice math facts. Some of our third graders are working hard to master their addition and subtraction facts and move onto multiplication and division. Keep working hard!

March is Reading Month:
Your child should have a reading log that is to be kept in their daily folder. They will use this to keep track of their daily reading and parents initial each day/time read. Each Monday, they can earn a raffle ticket when they have completed 100 or more minutes of reading.

Friday, March 19: Wear a shirt with words on it!




Update: Week of May 6

Here is an update for our week ahead:

Math: We will have our math test on Wednesday. We will review today and the review page should come home in your child’s homework folder. We have learned about unit fractions, fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions.
Continue to have your child practice multiplication and division facts on MobyMax.

Reading: We continue with our biography research and are in the process of writing our final drafts. A bright yellow note went home last week about the biography presentation and the living museum. Be sure to go over this with your child and start brainstorming the presentation.

Writing: This week we will review informational writing and complete our post assessment.

Social Studies: We are learning about the 3 branches of Government and each of their roles. Look for test review pages to come home in the next week.

TONIGHT is Culver’s Night. Stop in and eat any time from 5-8pm and a portion of the earnings goes toward our school!

EARLY RELEASE: this Friday, May 10 is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15pm.

Have a great week!  🙂


Math Test Monday

Our math test will be on Monday (not Friday). We will review on Friday and the review pages will come home. It would be very helpful to review telling time to the hour/minute and elapsed time word problems over the weekend.

For example:
25 minutes after 8
35 minutes before 9

Elapsed time word problems:
Grace went to Grandma’s house at 1:30. She stayed there for 2 hours and 25 minutes. When did she leave Grandma’s house?

Lisa leaves for practice at 4:05. She returns at 5:25. How long was she gone?



Social Studies Quiz and Test

A review sheet should be coming home today for the social studies quiz on Monday. The short quiz will cover what we have studied about the movement of people, goods, and ideas. Please remind your third grader to study this for Monday. Thank you.

I am planning to have our Geography test on Thursday. I will let you know if that changes due to our four day week, but so far we are on schedule for the test next week. We will review in class and a review sheet will come home too.

Have a great weekend!   🙂

3rd Grade Update


M-STEP testing starts next week. It is important that your child has enough sleep each night and a good breakfast in the morning. I have talked to the students about doing their best work as a student and these two factors will be very helpful in your child’s attitude toward doing their best.
Thanks for your support in this!

Government: We will have our test on Thursday. A review sheet went home tonight. Your child will need to know the three branches of Government, what they do, and who is in charge.

Math: We have been doing some end of the year review and testing to help us understand how we did with the math concepts this year.

Spelling: This will be our last week- until further notice- for spelling words. We will continue to work on spelling and grammar in class. Please help your child to work on their spelling words this week for the test on Friday.

Reading: We have been working on reading a text and responding in writing as well as reading and summarizing. As a class, we have also been reminding ourselves of our reading procedures-  stay in one spot, read the whole time, build stamina.