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Update: Week of May 13

Here is an update of our learning in Third Grade:

Writing: We will be studying public issues and will be working on writing about a Michigan public issue.

Science: We started studying animals last week. We have read about 5 animal groups- mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. We are reading about and studying the 4 Bs that go with each group- Body Covering, warm/cold blooded, how they breath, and the babies.
Today, we had a great time going out by the pond to make some observations. We saw ducklings, birds, geese. It was great to see our science lesson come alive!!

Math: We began a new unit and are reviewing and working on word problems. We are specifically focusing on word problems with unknown addends and factors.
As we work on word problems, it is evident that multiplication facts have not yet been mastered for some third graders. It is very important that multiplication fact practice continue through the remainder of the year and especially throughout the summer.

Reading: We continue to read biographies and finish our biography projects.
***If your child has not brought in the quote and photo for their biography project, please help them get this information soon. If you don’t have a printer at home, I can help with that at school.

FIELD TRIP INFORMATION: I have contacted the 4 classroom chaperones. There will be more information coming regarding specific details for the day of the field trip.

Thank you for the kindness shown to me during Teacher Appreciation Week last week! It is a blessing to teach your kids!


~Learning Update~

Here’s what we have been learning about in third grade:

Writing: We have finished our Literary Essay unit and then completed our Post Assessment of opinion writing before Spring Break. We will now begin to practice constructed response writing as well as begin our Core Democratic Values writing work that goes along with our Social Studies Unit.

Science: We will begin studying animals and adaptations!

Math: We will spend a few days doing some review and activities with area and perimeter and then we begin our fraction unit this week.

Reading: We have been reading biography books and with each book the students read, they complete a comprehension card to summarize the important facts they have learned about a person in history. We will be working on choosing a person to study and write about.


A note about science

Here’s a note from Ms VanderStel regarding science this week:

Good afternoon!  My name is Ms. VanderStel and I get the privilege of having your child for science for the next few months.  We have been learning plant parts and their functions/jobs.  A study sheet along with some other papers have come home tonight for studying.  Please spend about 10 minutes tonight and 10 minutes tomorrow night reviewing with your child for our test on Wednesday.
If you have any questions, please contact me at kvander@hpseagles.net.
Thank you!

Holiday Party and Science Test!

Just a reminder to send in $1.00 for the holiday party and also send in a gift for the gift exchange. Boys bring in a boy gift and girls bring in a girl  gift ($3-$5).

Please see this note from Ms VanderStel regarding science next week:
We are wrapping up our Animal Adaptations Unit today.  The students did very well on the quiz they took yesterday.
Next week we are going to do a short unit on Sound.¬† We will have a test on this unit¬†on Friday.¬† I know. . .it’s just before CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!¬† But it is a fun unit with a lot of experiments.¬† I think the students will enjoy it and do very well.¬† To get a jump start on the vocabulary, they can visit my blog and find, Sound, under the science tab.

¬†On Wednesday, we will be needing a watch that ticks.¬† If you have a watch that ticks and wouldn’t mind us borrowing it, please send it in to school by¬†Wednesdaymorning.
 Thank you!

Science Test

Please read this message from Ms VanderStel regarding the science test:
There will be a science test on Animal Adaptations on¬†Thursday, December 11.¬† A sheet with the 4B’s of vertebrates will come home¬†on Tuesday.¬† The 4Bs stand for body covering, blood temperature, breathing, babies.¬† This is a large part of the test.¬† Please study these with your child.¬† You can also visit my blog at¬†kvander.edublogs.org, under the science heading of Animal Adaptations, to visit the easy notecards site.¬† This will also have review games and activities.
Please contact me at kvander@hpseagles.net with any questions.