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Reminders for this week!

Book talks are due tomorrow! Please make sure your child has done the following:

  • Read the entire book that they had chosen
  • Completed the note sheet that will help to present the book
  • Created a visual to go along with the book talk. This can be of your third graders choosing, but some ideas were given on the assignment sheet. This is just something to show that goes along with the book.

It would be a good idea to talk with your third grader about 2-3 parts of the book that they would like to share with the class as well as if they would recommend the book or not. We will briefly talk about a few of these things in class as well.

Thanks for your support in celebrating your child as a reader!!  🙂

The Talent Show is on Thursday! Please check the school blog for more information. Please let me know if your child will be staying for the rehearsal on Wednesday.

I hope you all have a wonderful spring break!!! Enjoy time with family and friends and take some time to have fun and relax too!  We’d love to hear what you are doing over break!

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What are you doing for spring break?  Let us know by filling out this survey!

3rd Grade Update!

We have many things going on in the next two weeks. Check it out:

Friday will be our math test on telling time and elapsed time. We will review on Thursday.

New spelling words went home yesterday. They are: niece, screen, shield, cheaper, tears, sneak, peaches, friends, breathes, teenager, piece, squeeze. We are focusing on the long e spellings.

Wednesday, March 21 is Marco’s Pizza Night

The Talent Show is Thursday, March 29. Please continue to check our blog and the school blog for more information.

Spring Break begins Friday March 30!

****Our fact fluency weekly practice will end next week. After spring break all math flashcards will be sent home for continued practice with fluency.  Thanks so much to our parent volunteers for your help!

A few updates…

Talent Show forms are due to Mrs. Bretz tomorrow! Audition dates will be assigned after forms are in. Please remember to bring all props, music, costumes, etc. to your audition. Please check out the music blog for more information.

Our sentence dictation test will be on Thursday. This will cover the plural nouns we have been studying. The word list went home last week.

Students will have a chance to purchase from the book fair on Thursday.

Last Bible club is Monday the 19th.

We are having a great week in third grade!!

Talent Show! Thursday March 31

Our big show is just four days away!  If you have a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader in this year’s talent show, read on for some important information.

The dress rehearsal will take place on Wednesday, March 30 after school.  All talent show participants will rehearse from 3:45 until 5:15.  Please pick your child up at school at 5:15 on this day.  The rehearsal will be run by Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering.

Also, the line up for Thursday’s 9:15 and 1:15 shows can be found here:  TALENT SHOW LINE UP. Mrs. Reagan will be videotaping each performance and posting these to the school blog by Monday, April 4.  If you cannot leave work to watch your child perform, remember that the blog will host a recording of each act.

This Week…

We have a busy four days this week!

We have our last two days of Spanish on Tuesday and Thursday. We have really enjoyed having the high school Spanish class coming to teach us!

Our Talent Show is on Thursday. We can’t wait. It will be GREAT!

We do not have school Friday and this will begin our SPRING BREAK!!!! I hope you all enjoy time with friends and family and I look forward to seeing our wonderful third graders again on Monday, April 12.

Miss Van Arkel  🙂

Talent Show Reminders

Just a few dates to remember for those students interested in being a part of the talent show:

Talent Show Audition Sheets must be turned in on or before:  Monday, March 15

Auditions will be held:  Wednesday, March 17 – Friday, March 19

You must be performance ready at audition time. Have all materials ready including music and song lyrics.

Got Talent?

Are you in grades 3rd-5th? Can you juggle?  Play an instrument?  Do a special jump rope routine?  Magic tricks?  Gymnastics routines?  Dance?  Sing?  Play the recorder? Be an MC for the show?   Then Georgetown wants YOU!!

Our annual Georgetown Talent Show is right around the corner!  Since May is so busy with end of year activities, we have decided to move our Talent Show earlier in the year to help celebrate the day before spring break??!!  Its time to pull out all the stops and start practicing those acts!!

If your child is interested in participating in our Talent Show, there are some very important dates and details coming up that they need to be aware of to be considered for the show:


  • Decide on act and start practicing alone or with friends:   NOW!
  • Pick up Official Talent Show Audition Sheet (located outside music room door):  Available on Tuesday, March 2
  • Talent Show Audition Sheets must be turned in on or before:  Monday, March 15
  • Auditions will be held:  Wednesday, March 17 – Friday, March 19
  • Talent Show:  Thursday, April 1


  1. Students must be in grades 3rd-5th to be in Talent Show.  All other grades will watch only.
  2. Act must be 2 minutes or less.
  3. If song/act to perform is longer than 2 minutes, we can fade music out at the 2 minute mark.
  4. When submitting Audition Sheet, lyrics for songs performed must be attached to sheet.  Only appropriate   music will be allowed.
  5. Students must come to Audition PERFORMANCE READY.  That means that they should perform as if it is the actual Talent Show.  They should have all CD’s and props with them in order to be considered.
  6. If auditioning to be an MC/announcer for the show, student should memorize one joke to tell for their audition.

So start practicing!  We are so excited to see all the amazing talents that Georgetown has to offer!!!  We can hardly wait for April 1!

If you have any questions, please come see Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. VanKoevering or Mrs. Nienhuis.  Good luck everyone!