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Third Grade Update

Hi Families,
Just a few things to bring to your attention:

Friday, February 5 is an early release. Dismissal is at 12:15. We do not have school on Monday, February 8 due to Winter Break.

Kids Heart Challenge
Kids Heart Challenge information was sent home and began on Feb. 1.  Please note that this program is for the American Heart Association and can only be done online.  For more information ask your child for the KHC envelope they got and you can also go to the PE Blog 

Valentines: If your child chooses to bring in Valentine cards for classmates, please send them to school before Wednesday, February 10.

Extra Mask: Please make sure your child has an extra mask packed in their backpack each day. Thank you!

Homework: Please remind your third grader to complete their math/reading log that is due each Monday. This is their third grade homework and we have many students who have been working on being responsible with this. Thank you!



Week of January 27, 2020

News from our third grade class:

Homework Reminder:
I did not send home a new math fact and reading log this week. I will be talking with the class about how they will be moving to more independence with this. This is an opportunity for them to show responsibility with their reading and math fact practice without using an at -home log.  Please continue the consistent reading and math fact practice at home- even making up your own chart to keep track! This is often the time of year where our third graders show growth and it’s the at-home practice that helps to maintain all their hard work. Thank you!

Homework Starting Wednesday: On Wednesday, your child will have a new homework assignment that they will need to complete on the computer. They will need to get on Clever to access this.  They may complete the assignment any time between Wednesday, the 29th and Tuesday, the 4th.

Valentine’s Day- REMINDER:
An email was sent last week regarding Valentine’s Day. Our class will be doing some activities throughout the day on Friday, Feb. 14. We will not need parent volunteers or donations. We will make Valentine bags in class. If your child chooses to pass out Valentine cards, please use the class list that was sent home last week.

Snack Donations: Our class could use a few snack donations to use on the days when a student forgets. Pretzels or graham crackers work well. If you are able to donate, please send it in with your child. We appreciate it!!


Friday, January 31- early release. Dismissal at 12:15pm

WINTER BREAK. NO SCHOOL Monday February, 3 and Tuesday, February 4. School resumes on Wednesday, February 5.

Update: Week of January 29!


  • Homework is a little different this week. An email was sent on Friday with more information. Your child will need to log on to Study Island to complete the homework by this Friday, February 2.
  • Multiplication Fluency Practice: You will see a practice page come home today. This was completed on Friday. Attached to this practice page will be a note saying NOT YET or GOT IT! This lets you and your third grader know what facts will need to be practiced for this Friday. Your third grader keeps track of their own progress on a graph here at school so they will know exactly what facts they should be working on. Please help your third grader practice their facts this week.
  • We have library on Friday. Help your child remember to bring their books back. Thanks!
  • A note will be coming home today regarding our third grade field trip on Thursday, February 15. $1.00 will need to be sent in to school before Thursday, February 8.
  • This Friday, February 2 is an EARLY RELEASE. Dismissal is at 12:15 pm.
  • WINTER BREAK is Monday and Tuesday, February 5 and 6. School resumes on Wednesday, February 7.

Coming Up!

****Our Valentine Party will be on Thursday the 14th from 12:50-1:45. I will be sending a class list home so your third grader can address Valentine cards. Please have your third grader make a Valentine box to set at their desk. A smaller size box will work well or even a bag will be fine.  Usually a tissue box works well since it already has an opening. The decorating will be done at home. Get creative! Just make sure the box is here next Thursday!

****Mrs. Reagan recently complimented our class on our outstanding behavior in music, art, P.E. and in the hallways. She said that we have earned an extra ‘chill time’. As a class we decided that we would like to end our day on Thursday (tomorrow) with some movie time. With that movie time it was voted that we wear pajamas and bring in small blankets and/or stuffed animals. 

****Winter break is this Friday, February 8 through Monday February 11. Enjoy your weekend. I’ll see you Tuesday!