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See you on Tuesday!!

Parents and Students,

It was so fun to meet you all at our school open house last night! I can tell we have a great group of third graders. I’m really excited to learn together this year!

Thank you for being so generous with the donations to our classroom! We appreciate it so much!!

A few reminders:
-Make sure your child brings gym shoes to leave at school. We have P.E. on Tuesday.
-Please let me or the office know if there is ever a change in your child’s transportation home. It is important to me that our third graders get home safely and that we are in communication about this. Thanks!

Be sure to look inside the folders you brought home.
There are two assignments for students to bring in on Tuesday:
1. Summer Celebration
2. Get to Know You page -green paper

Parents also have two assignments 🙂
1. Take a look inside the big envelope, read over the forms, and send the necessary forms back to school.
2. Complete the Get to Know You page -orange paper


Thank you!!


A Great First Day!

We had a wonderful day today! This is a great group of kids and I’m lucky to be their teacher this year!
We talked a lot about classroom routines and procedures today and we spent some time getting to know each other too. We also shared our summer celebration. Tomorrow we will start writing about that summer memory.

Please take a moment to read some information I have put together about third grade. Let me know if you have any questions. I am not aware of any food allergies in our classroom, but please let me know if I need to be made aware.
Thank you!

information 17-18

A Great First Day!!


We had a great first day of 3rd grade!!! I am looking forward to a wonderful year with this group. Today, we shared Summer memories and started writing about our small moment. Be sure to ask your 3rd grader about the word of the week.
We also read First Day Jitters. We love this book because it has a big surprise at the end! Ask your child what they wrote down as their goal for reading this year.

Thank you for supporting your child’s education so well!!

Ashley  🙂

A few reminders for the first day!

It was so great to meet everyone at open house! I am looking forward to a great year in third grade!
Just a few reminders:

1. Third graders: The first homework assignment was given at open house. Bring in something that reminds you of something you did this summer. Make sure it fits in the little bag- or just about fits.  🙂  Be ready to tell about your summer memory and write about it.

2. On Tuesday (our first day) we have P.E. FIRST THING in the morning! You will come in to school, greet each other, take attendance, make a hot lunch choice, and then we will be off to specials.  Be sure to have Gym shoes ready!

Can’t wait to see all your smiles on Tuesday!!  🙂


A Great First Day!

Dear Families,
It was a great first day of third grade! I’m excited to get to know your child and learn with them this year. We spent a lot of time talking about procedures and routines and how we can be responsible students.  We also learned about working together to make our classroom a wonderful place to be.
A few things that went home today:
– Picture Day information  (Sept. 15)
– A note about Nut Safe and Healthy Classroom Snacks. We are a NUT FREE classroom. You can read the note here: Nut Safe Letter Thank you!

If you haven’t read the Third Grade Handbook (in my last post), please do so. That will give you more information about our classroom.

Please make sure your third grader has gym shoes that they can keep in their locker. We will have gym on Thursday (Day 3).

Ms Van Arkel



What A Great Day!!

We had a wonderful first day in third grade!! We talked about some small moments that happened this summer, we went to art, and we made our class promise just to name a few things. It was so nice to see each other and I am already impressed with how helpful and caring this group is! Wow!!

Your child brought home their daily folder tonight. Please take a look at the agenda. There is a homework section where your student will write the day’s homework. Please read this over and sign it each night. Make sure it comes back to school. Thank You!

Your child’s homework tonight is to tell you about their favorite part of today!

Ms Van Arkel  🙂

A Great First Day!

Hi Parents,

We had a wonderful first day of third grade! We learned a lot about our classroom and our classroom procedures. We also did a little reading and practiced math facts. It was so great to see smiling faces this morning!
Please ask your third grader about their daily folder. This should come home each night and be returned to school each day. There is a place for a parent signature too.


Miss Van Arkel

**remember to take a look at our third grade handbook in the previous post**


Tomorrow is the big day! The first day of third grade! Please remember to bring in your homework that you picked up at open house. If you forgot it at your desk then just place an object that reminds you of your summer inside a small ziploc bag and bring it to school.
Also, please bring back the forms that were inside the folder you picked up at open house.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Miss Van Arkel  🙂

A Great First Day!

We had a great first day in 3rd grade! We took some time to get to know each other, learn about our classroom, and create a classroom promise. We worked hard on math and writing, too. What a fun day!

Parents, please check our blog later in the week to find our Third Grade Handbook. This will give some more information about 3rd grade.