Update: Week of February 18

Hi Parents,

Here are a few things to know this week:

Social Studies Homework: We have been studying the people of The Three Fires. We have studied the Ojibway and Potawatomi in class. Tonight’s homework assignment requires your child to read about The Odawa and complete the chart. They have done this two times in class so they should be aware of the procedures for completing this. This assignment is due tomorrow, Tuesday 2/19.

Conference Appointment Slips: These will be coming home on Friday. Look for the bright yellow paper in your child’s folder.

Multiplication Practice Page: Please check in with your third grader on what facts they should be practicing for Wednesday.

Thursday, February 21: Jet’s Pizza Night- make sure you mention our class! We could win a pizza party!

Friday, February 22: Popcorn Friday.

Update: Week of February 11

Here is an update for the week:

WRITING: We will be working on finishing our realistic fiction stories.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We continue learning about the History of Michigan and will begin learning about The Three Fires- Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibwa.

MATH: We started unit 4 today. We reviewed place value drawings. We will work on using place value drawings as well as rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, and using 3 digit addition/subtraction in word problems.

READING: We are hoping to finish up our book clubs this week. We have enjoyed reading new books from a series and having discussions about characters in our stories.

An email was sent about Valentine’s Day information. We are making Valentine gift bags in class. Your child may bring in Valentine cards to pass out if they choose to. A class list was included in the email.  We will not need parent volunteers or donations sent in. We will be doing some whole group activities throughout the day on Thursday.


Hi 3rd Graders!!
I miss you! I can’t believe all this snow we have!  It’s not so fun taking Stella outside because it is so windy and cold!! I hope you are staying safe and warm.

My last post shared about Mrs. Reagan’s snow day learning challenge. I hope you have been doing lots of reading and MobyMax math fact practice. You could help our class win a PIZZA PARTY!!  Keep up the good work!

I have a challenge for you, too!! I found this SNOW DAY BINGO and thought it would be fun to share. Take a look at the Bingo card and choose 5 things that you have done or will be doing on one of our snow days. Write them down and have mom or dad sign it. Bring it to school to share with me and I’d love to give you a special prize!
REMEMBER: DO NOT go outside when the temperatures are extremely cold. Talk to mom or dad first!

Have fun!
Ms Van Arkel 🙂





We have another SNOW DAY today.  Please encourage your child to do at least 30 minutes of learning (see below).  Thanks to our AMAZING PTC (made possible by your WALK•A•THON Donations), $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (one per grade) will be given to randomly drawn students.


Mrs. Reagan will throw a PIZZA PARTY for the classroom that has the MOST PARTICIPANTS in SNOW DAY LEARNING.   She will look at who has participated over all the snow days (last Friday, today …. and maybe other days this week) and the class with the most students who participate will get a PRINCIPAL PIZZA PARTY!

Options for learning:

  1. Read a book or two or three.  ONLINE Learning record for reading minutes.
  2. Learning on MOBYMAX or RAZ-KIDS through Clever.com:
    (click on MOBYMAX on the right side of the blog under At-Home links)
  • Log into https://clever.com/in/hpseagles
  • Select log into other google account.
  • Type in district username followed by @hpsstudents.net
  • Type in password – if your child doesn’t remember the password, choose TIME TO READ instead — or email me, the teacher!
  • Select Elementary Apps
  • Find MOBYMAX OR RAZ KIDS….get started!

Students have until 5 pm tonight to participate.

Update: Week of January 28

We start this week of with a SNOW DAY on Monday! Stay safe and warm!
Here is an update for the week ahead:

Math Test: We will have our unit 3 Math test some time this week! I can’t say a specific day yet, due to the snow days. This will cover measurement, time, elapsed time, and graphing. As soon as we get back in class, we will review and the review page will come home.

Math Practice Page:
Please help your third grader to continue practicing their math facts for the next practice page.

Homework: Continue with reading (use the reading calendar) and math fact practice as part of homework. MobyMax is a great way to have your third grader practice their math facts.

Social Studies: We have started to learn about Michigan History. We are learning to be historians and are understanding how primary and secondary sources are useful to learn about the past.

Writing: We have started our unit on writing realistic fiction. We will work on creating a story plan and learning to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Weekly Word Work: We have been continuing work with practicing word patterns, vocabulary, spelling and grammar. This is done using in class activities and hands-on learning so we do not have a word list that comes home.

READING COUNTS: The first marking period for Reading Counts ended a few weeks ago. Elizabeth, Breslin, Eden, and Faith met their reading goalsl!! They enjoyed a candy treat from Mrs. VandenBerg and also an ice cream treat from me!! Way to go, girls! Many students have been reading and have already started meeting their goal for the next Reading Counts marking period!


Early Release: Friday, February 1. Dismissal at 12:15pm. 

Winter Break: Monday- Tuesday, February 4 and 5. School resumes Wednesday, February 6. 

Update: Week of January 14


Here is an update of what we have been working on in third grade:

Writing: We have started learning strategies for realistic fiction. We are brainstorming small moments in our own lives and using them to generate ideas for realistic fiction. We are looking forward to creating our own characters, problem, and setting.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our Economics unit. I plan to give the test on Friday, A review page will come home.

Math: We have been working hard on telling time and using elapsed time. This will be great to practice at home.
Example questions:
Joe got to his friend’s house at 1:30. He was there for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then he walked home for 20 minutes. What time did he get home?

The school music program ended at 8:35pm. It lasted for 1 hour and 50 minutes. What time did the program start?

It will be important for your third grader to continue practicing math facts on MobyMax. Working on this at home will be helpful to build fluency especially in preparation for 4th grade. If your third grade has not memorized their login and password for Clever, please let me know and I can help.

Reading: We have started our series book clubs. Students have reading assignments and then meet with their group to discuss the characters, problem, and details of their reading.

Scholastic Book Order: A book order was sent home last Thursday. If you choose to place an order, do that online by this week Thursday, the 17th.  Thank you!

Snack: I am all out of extra snacks for our classroom. I like to have some available for when students forget theirs at home. If you are able to donate, we would appreciate a box of graham crackers or a bag of pretzels. Thanks!



Update: Week of January 7

I hope you all had a great Holiday break! We are back into learning in 3rd grade!

Homework Reading Calendar: January homework reading calendars will come home today. Make sure this is being used to record reading minutes. This is part of our homework and should be turned in at the end of the month.

Social Studies Homework: We have been learning about specialization and interdependence. Tonight’s homework requires your child to look for five things around the house and find out where they were made. This will help our discussion on import and export.
This homework is due tomorrow Jan. 8

Multiplication practice page: We will do the next practice page on Wednesday. Be sure to check in with your child on what facts they should practice.

Reading Counts: Reading Counts ends on Friday. In third grade, this motivational program is optional for students and requires responsibility with reading and taking tests. If your student is almost to their goal, please help them to remember to take their tests this week.

Thursday, Jan. 10- Jet’s Pizza Night
Friday, Jan. 11- EARLY RELEASE– dismissal at 12:15pm.


3rd Grade Update: Week of December 17

Here is an update from our classroom:

Writing: We are working on writing conclusions to our informational writing. We will work on revising, editing, and writing a final draft.

Social Studies: We started studying Economics in Michigan. We have learned about scarcity, opportunity cost, and we have started learning about economic activities such as manufacturing and agriculture.

Math: We continue with our measurement unit and will begin a few lessons on telling time and using elapsed time. This would be great to practice at home, too! Third graders should keep practicing multiplication facts at home using MobyMax or flashcards.

Reading: We have been exploring nonfiction texts by identifying text features and new vocabulary words. We have also been taking notes as we read and gather facts and information from our reading. Third graders should continue with reading 20 minutes at least 5 days a week. Complete your December reading calendar over break and bring it back on January 7.


Our Polar Express party is on Thursday, Dec. 20. Students may wear pajamas if they would like. ***If you are donating items, please send them in on or before Wednesday. 

Popcorn Friday is this Friday, the 21st.

HOLIDAY VACATION starts Monday, December 24. School resumes Monday, January 7!

Update: Week of December 10

Here is an update for the week:

Math and Reading homework: Our third grade homework consists of independent reading and math fact practice. The reading calendar is homework each month and should be turned in at the end of each month. The December calendar can be returned in January.
Please help your third grader to continue practicing multiplication facts- just 5 minutes each night on MobyMax or using flashcards. Mastery with the basic facts is very important to understanding other math concepts.

Our music program is this Thursday evening. Please read the information HERE.

Our third grade Polar Express party will be on Thursday, Dec. 20. Please be sure you have read the email that was sent on Friday and also the original post HERE.

The 5th grade candy cane sale continues through Friday. If your child would like to buy one, please send $1.00 in an envelope with your child’s name.


Thursday, Dec. 13- Jet’s Pizza Night

Friday, Dec. 14- Early Release: Dismissal at 12:15pm.