Third Grade Update!!

We are working hard in 3rd grade:

Writing: We are working on biography research and will be writing about the people we have studied. We are working on gathering information, organizing details, and drafting our work.

Science: Students are finishing up the Light unit with Ms VanderStel. Test on Friday!

Math: This week we started the Fraction unit. We have learned about unit fractions and will be working on equivalent fractions too. We are using lots of number lines and other visuals to show fractions. Please click on the letter below to read more information about the concepts we will be learning with fractions.

Reading: We are ending our biography reading unit. Our class has enjoyed reading about people in history and we have learned about the challenges they faced in life. We have learned about all the hard work they put in to fulfilling their dreams. We have enjoyed reading about how so many people have made a difference in our lives even today.

Public Issue Homework

We have been studying public issues during our Social Studies and Writing times. We have been studying a public issue, forming an opinion , and writing an essay. Last week we studied wind farms in the Great Lakes.

This week, we will be studying a new public issue. Your third grader will be reading an article and forming their own opinion to write about. The homework involves you sharing your opinion on the issue the article addresses. They will need to read the article, identify the opinions in the article (agree/disagree), and gather a few more opinions from a parent and other adult.
There will be a green paper coming home today to help record the information.

The green paper should be completed and returned on Monday, March 6.

3rd Grade Update!

Here’s what’s happening in 3rd Grade:

Writing: We are finishing up our realistic fiction writing. We have learned to think of an experience in our own life and add new, realistic parts  to make the story interesting. We have made up characters and learned to use character traits. We continue working on Show not Tell. We used a story mountain to plan for our writing.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on Michigan History. We will be learning about how Michigan became a state. Our unit test will be next week. 

Math: We have been working on addition and subtraction. Much of this lesson has been review, but we have also learned about rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. Our unit test will be next week. 

Reading: We have started our Series Book Clubs. Each student is in a group and they have a daily reading assignment that must be completed for them to meet and discuss with their group. The groups discuss the questions and predictions they have as well as what the character is doing and how they change in the story.

Please continue a consistent routine of reading 20 minutes (5 days a week) and math fact practice (at least 5 minutes/5 days a week).


Homework and Math Fact Practice


A new homework packet is coming home today. The assigned pages are: HOMEWORK 3-13 and HOMEWORK 3-14. Students should only do these pages (not the Remembering pages on the opposite side of the page). The packet is due next Monday, Jan. 16.

As always, students should continue their daily reading and math fact practice.
Spelling words should be practiced throughout the week as well.

A note about math facts: As we enter into the last half of our third grade year, the expectations increase in that students should be gaining independence with practicing their facts and mastering them. This is an expectation as we move into more difficult math concepts. We do not always practice during the day at school, so it is expected that students are consistently practicing at home. This builds confidence, progress, and mastery.

Thank you for your support!

Christmas Break Reading and Math Facts!

It will be so important for your third grader to continue reading and math fact practice over the holiday break. Please remind your third grader to log on to MobyMax to work on math facts (or use flash cards) as well as continue with their daily reading.

Consistency is key in making progress!
Thank you for your support!





Math Test Monday

Our math test will be on Monday (not Friday). We will review on Friday and the review pages will come home. It would be very helpful to review telling time to the hour/minute and elapsed time word problems over the weekend.

For example:
25 minutes after 8
35 minutes before 9

Elapsed time word problems:
Grace went to Grandma’s house at 1:30. She stayed there for 2 hours and 25 minutes. When did she leave Grandma’s house?

Lisa leaves for practice at 4:05. She returns at 5:25. How long was she gone?




We will not have a new homework packet this week. A homework page may come home later in the week, but no regular packet.

We will not have spelling words this week or next. We are doing some activities in class with Christmas spelling words.

***Don’t forget to prepare a wrapped box to send in along with a small gift (pencil, eraser, stickers, etc.) for our Christmas party.

With the cold and snow, please make sure your child brings all their snow gear to school-  coat, snow pants, gloves, hat, boots. It would be so helpful if you put your child’s name on their winter clothing. This prevents our Lost and Found from piling up! Also, make sure gym shoes are kept at school. Thank you!!