Social Studies Quiz & Homework Packet

Throughout the last week we have been learning all about the landforms and bodies of water in Michigan. Tomorrow, we will do a check-up to see how well we are learning them.
Please review these with your child. A chart will come home tonight to help your third grader study.

Peninsulas- upper and lower
Islands- Mackinac Island, Beaver Island
Sand Dunes- Sleeping Bear Dunes
Mountains- Porcupine Mountains, Huron Mountains

Bodies of Water:
Lakes- Great Lakes (remember HOMES)
Rivers- Grand River
Waterfalls- Tahquamenon Falls
Bays- Grand Traverse Bay, Saginaw Bay


A new HOMEWORK PACKET and spelling words are coming home today. The homework packet is due next Monday. We will have a spelling test on Friday.

Picture Day and Walk•A•Thon!

Picture Day is tomorrow (Thursday 9/22). You can order online or send in the envelope.

Our school Walk•A•Thon is on Friday! This is our only PTC fundraiser of the year. Your donations and support are very much appreciated!! Our class will be walking from 10:00-10:30am (this is a time change).  Walkers are encouraged to wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE!
Check out more information HERE.

Homework Packet

A homework packet will be coming home tonight. Homework packets are sent home on Mondays and should be returned the following Monday. Most every packet will consist of: math pages, reading/math fact log, spelling practice.

Reading/Math Fact Log:
This is used to keep track of at-home reading and fact practice. Help your third grader make this a routine for continued progress in math and reading this year. This pink page will be returned each Monday. Flashcards or MobyMax can be used to practice math facts or any other kind of tool that works for your third grader.

Practice Spelling Words: 
A spelling word list comes home on Mondays for the test on Fridays. At-home practice will be important in helping your child learn spelling patterns. Spelling City is a great resource and is linked to the blog. Another great way to practice is to use the words in writing sentences. Help your third grader to notice beginning/ending sounds or patterns as well as the vowel sounds a word is making.

MobyMax and Early Dismissal

Today we got on the MobyMax website to practice math facts. This is something your third grader can log on to at home. They will hopefully remember their username/password for this. The site is linked on our blog under ‘At Home Links’. This will be a great resource to use for daily fact practice.
Early Dismissal: 
We will be dismissing at 12:15 on Friday 9/16/16.  This is our first early release day of the year.  If your child is a car rider, please be at school 12:10 and 12:15 for pick up.
Food Service will be offering a sack lunch on early release days this school year.
Children can order a lunch with their teacher in the morning and will have them to take to their destination.  The cost will be $2.25.  Free and reduced benefits will also apply.

Spelling, Flashcards, Homework, and Library!

Today we started a new spelling unit. Each Monday, we take a spelling pre-test and this determines if the regular list or the challenge list will go home. We have discussed that we each have different lists because we are different learners and that’s ok! You should see a spelling list come home tonight. This can stay at home and should be practiced throughout the week. We will have our spelling test on Friday.

Please practice the math facts at home with your third grader and then make sure the green folder goes back in the blue daily folder to come back to school.
During math today, students practiced the 5s facts with a partner. They quizzed their friend and placed the flashcards in two piles: if they didn’t know the product ‘in a snap’ then it went in the NOT YET pile. If they said the answer right away it went in the GOT IT pile. Then, just to be sure, they quizzed the GOT IT pile again.
Try this strategy at home when practicing with your third grader.  

Today we talked about our own personal reading life and what makes reading work for us. We talked about needing a quiet, comfortable space without distractions as well as making sure we choose a good-fit book that we are interested in. To prepare for our lesson tomorrow, each student should bring in a favorite book. 

We went to the library today. Your child should come home with a few books. We will talk about reading counts in class. When a student is done reading their book, they sign up to take a test and then during reading time, we do our best to make our way through the list of students who signed up. Please check in with your third grader about what books they have chosen. 

We are off to another great week in 3rd grade!!  :)

For Your Information

Dear Parents,
As you see work coming home there may be  a number grade (3,2,1) on some of them. See below to find out what this means.
Use this as a guide:

3- proficient

2- progressing

1- beginning

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you, Ms Van Arkel

News from 3rd Grade!

We have had a great first week in class! This is a great group and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to teach them this year!

Today I sent home a homework assignment that is due next Friday. Your third grader will be designing their own puzzle piece to show how each one of us is a special part of our class.

You will also find a green half-size folder that is labeled ‘multiplication facts’. Our first math lesson is learning the 5s facts so today we made our flashcards and put them in the ‘Not Yet’ side until we have practiced them more. This folder will be filled with multiplication facts as we continue on with our lessons. Please keep the flashcards in the blue daily take-home folder so they can be practiced at home and at school each day.
Fact practice will become part of daily homework in the coming week or so.

Monday: STEAM
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: MUSIC
Thursday: ART
Friday: STEAM      *** Early Dismissal at 12:15pm